Thursday, December 30, 2010


menghitung saat ke 2011..gembira bercuti esok.gembira self-presentation was oke.gembira masak bersama2. gembira menerima hadiah.gembira kerana ada teman di sisi waktu senang dan susah..gembira dan bsyukur atas segala nikmat yg diberikan. gembira atas segala2nya.

seperti tahun lepas, dan akan menjadi acara tahunan insyaAllah. jamuan akhir tahun word.happy.
hope to be with all u guys together.forever.

i hate u, but u love me.
u r cute,but i'm cuter.
hate me? naaaaaa~
i love u dear.

who am I?

noor aiman;the world class conductor.ngeh3

*haengbok is happy in korean.
**happy oliday guys!

***happy new year!
****happy shopping! sale sale sale! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sometimes moments appear where I wish I could remember what it was like being 2 years old. To feel again what it was like when following your own agenda was the only option. When saying 'no' was actually okay. And when I actually did the things I wanted to do. When did all of that go away?! When did studies, responsibilities and everything else replace 'me' on the top of my list of priorities?

Often on my lonesome journeys to class and lectures there is always this overwhelming cry of 'shut up, shut up. shut up. stop. stop' Many times I almost fell prey these thoughts but somehow I've managed to pull through again and again. It seems like this year, everyone is on edge and our nerves are raw on end. It just seems like there are a million and one things to do and just a whole lot of people to please. Everyday, we ride the waves one by one (sometimes two at a go!) whether we ready or not. Some of us make it, some trip, some just.. go under.

Sometimes I would like to tell HIM, the silent one, the one who watches over us, please Sir can you just stop this tumble-dryer and get me out so I can catch my breath and relax for just a moment? The sanctuary of life has become nothing more than a zoo for the most of us. These struggles do not end here but will still remain prominent in our lives regardless of everything. Life is definitely on fast-forward and luckily I still have the sanity to hold back, reach out and hit 'pause' simply because time is going by too fast. Thankful I am for still having some remote part of me to tell myself to put my feet up once in a while when most have forgotten what it feels like to just.. relax.

Today just happens to be one of those not-so-typical days where I am able to just drop everything related to medicine and just plop myself on the bed with my laptop on my belly without worry, for a multitude of reasons. The reasons might have been simply employed to justify my laziness and disinclination to any form of activity but I think I'm going to get off my back on this one. :)

This is to a night full of nonsense talk and I shall now retire to my 'purple island' to remind myself that life is not completely devoid of choices. :)

Oh, and also not forgetting cold spoons and tea bags to nurse my angry eye-bags.

*himnae-->be strong in korean.
**tomorrow. hepy bsday zwen in advance!
***tomorrow.cnt wait to watch all da medical sketch,medley n choral speaking AGAIN.seronok seronok!

notakaki:jeles dgn mereka having boys days out in ind0n! aish!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

off to nilai

semalam, as planned we>tasniim,didi,fatimah, radiah and I went to nilai. atas permintaan madam ruby,,khidmat kami diperlukan sebagai fasilitator tuk program motivasi bagi pelajar2 sains tamhidi (tamhidi perubatan, pergigian, sains dan teknologi). alasannya..ramai pelajar sains dan teknologi seramai lebih kurang 27 orang diberhentikan sebab pointer utk final sem 1 tidak melebihi 1.7..terkejut? saya pon terkejut. saya sudi membantu kerana saya sedar asal usul saya, saya juga produk tamhidi sains.

LDK bermula pkul 1 tgahari. jadi kami meggunakan peluang menjadi penonton perlawanan bola antara FPSK dan tamhidi di pavilion. hebat! FPSK menang dgn 6-1. sangat hebat!

jika dilihat..atlet2 fpsk:jdo,mus,najmee,kimi,azraie. seniors bro din, bro suhaimi,seniors 3rd yr,juniors 1st yr xlupa juga atlet2 fpg:khalis,azizul dll.

menurut captain pasukan tamhidi (he's in my grup during LDK)..FPSK hebat2. stamina mantap.penyokong pon ramai. good job guys!

dlm grup LDK,,kebanyakan pelajar tamhidi memberikan komen,pihak pengurusan tamhidi tidak adil dalam pembahagian pensyarah yg mengajar bg setiap tmhidi yang mana seolah2 tamhidi sains dan teknologi dianak-tirikan. saya tiada komen. yang penting kena usaha perbaiki setiap kelemahan sem 1.(nasihat kpd dri sndri juga).

sebelum pulang, kami singgah di ICE ROOM,nilai square for dinner. mahal tp brbaloi-baloi!

more picta!

tmpt duduk ni disediakan di ice room. comel kan?!

ps: vision vision vision! lens lens lens! sy trpkir nk wt laser eye surgery!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

choral speak-ing~

setelah beberapa lama jd nocturnal. tdo kul 2 pg, bgn kul 6..mlm hidup, kt klas pengsan..alhamdulillah membuahkan hasilnya..who says choral speaking is a girl thingy. its great when mix girls and boys..

bak kata jannah time usrah td..'kte xkn dpt wt choral yg trbaek..dpt hafal skrip,,kalo Allah xbg kte wt yg trbaek. jadi? wlupon kte ade da best conductor *benci jannah*,,kte ptt bsyukur pd Allah sbb pe? sbb Dia Maha Pemberi..'
~~da matured side of jannah. he3

proud of u guyss. compared to the rehearsel at ibnu sina tha day dat before, and dat evening,,u guyss are really really great during da performance..

prof nik said: u guys did a very good performance..thx prof!

n again, sy btul2 nk mnx maaf kt sume yg terlibat dgn choral ni..btul, jauh dr sudut hati sy,sy xde niat nk mrh, nk malukan dpn org cuma tegas tuk kebaikan kte brsama..mgkin ade yg kata saya amat garang, tp sy buat bende yang sama masa kami berlatih tuk ptndingan kempen 3s aritu.tiada diskriminasi antara lelaki mahupun perempuan.tanpa kerjasama antara korang sume mmg kte xkn dpt melakukan yg pon masih blajar tuk menjadi lebih baik pd ms akn dtg..insyaAllah. sekali lagi kalo ad yg terasa hati dgn kata2 n teguran sy, sy mohon maaf dr ujung rmbut smpi ujung kaki. len kali msuk ag ye! heeee~

ps: sy xdpt bygkan submandibular gland jd tjuk choral. ha-ha.
pss: we don't stop,,we can't stop. untill we reach da top!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the bell has rang

it hurts.
the tears fall....

the bell has rang.

thank you Allah for reminding me..earlier..

there's something waiting for you called SUCCESS in front,
go for it!
better late than never.
believe in Him.
He knows the best for us.
may Allah ease.
pray for me!

ps: thank u 4 da wishes during my besday. tQ timah 4 da choc,
tasnim+DD+laila 4 da big pinky dolphin,
zT 4 da present far away from lgkawi,
deyla 4 da special post 4 me,
zWen 4 all the songs that makes me cry sbb terharu!
may Allah bless u all!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

1. i'm 19. ngeh3~

2. ppl call me aiman, iman, penguin, pingu, gu, ngungu, ngu, nyot. but i prefer if u call me gu. nice!

3. I dream of simple and meaningful wedding. walaweh!

4. I have a lot of bestfriends. Well, they are my bestfriends because we grew up together and learnt about how cruel life can be. I don't know, something about these people that even youdidn't see each other for years, the friendship remains strong -- and keeps getting stronger.When in doubt, I have a lot of friends that I can turn to :)

5. I prefer writing my blog in BM, actually.

6. I went to boarding schools since I was thirteen. 3 years in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah, Kajang and then another two years in Rawang Integrated Boarding School. Yes, I was a product of SMKAs.

7. i fell in love with the cute-little-thing-PINGU when i was 11, and yes till now.

8. i used to buy all the DVDs of the cartoon series PINGU. but not anymore.

9. i wore pinafore during primary school till standard 5. zmn dolu2. i was veryyyyyyy small back then.

10. i love pink.

11. sy pendek. so, i love to wear heels.

12. suprisingly i was good in lontar peluru. i guess i have a strong hand back in my primary school. haha

13. i failed my biology in the 1st, 2nd 3rd test during form 4. kene rotan dgn teacher khairul tu da biase. never got an A for the subject. in SPM too.

14. have been to china, new zealand, europe, korea, japan, australia, africa. sy teringin nk ke US! ad sesape nk bw sy???

15. worked at DUNKIN DOUGHNUT in Tesco Ampang for 3 months after my SPM.

16. oh! hari paling gumbira--> dpt 1st gaji tyme result SPM keluar. nyeh4.

17. i hate exams!

18. i knew j-pop 1st, then only k-pop. but now i'm sooooooo in k-pop compare to j-pop. but if u ask me which one i prefer more for my honeymoon,,i would say japan! ha-ha

19. i hate cats!

20. less than 24 hours i'll be in 20's..oh no!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

hari ini 3 disember!

When you dream of someone you really miss,
you can't help but to wake up smiling :)

mood: contented

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


In the award expression when we first met
It was hard for us to talk so we hesitated
The many days that have been buried in the song
Have become regrets that I can't turn back
Now it's the time that we must apart
We turn away with unsolved regrets
Time will help us meet again
We will miss each other then,but let's wait
We gathered at a small lake on a cold winter day
The song that we sang is buried in our memories
But it's in our heart forever
Goodbye isn't a farewell forever
It's a promise to meet each other again
Keep the time that we spent together as memories
And we nust leave to find our own path.

Memories are beautiful
I don't wanna ever say goodbye...

Friday, November 26, 2010

my favourite poem

Life, is definitely not ours to claim ownership to and it is merely a resting place along the road to sweet eternity. So, spend it wisely and spend it well.

Enclosed is one of my favourite poems, found underneath the pillow of Imam Al-Ghazali, one of the greatest thinkers of all time, upon his death. Don't skip it, read it!

"Say to my friends, when they look upon me, dead
Weeping for me and mourning me in sorrow
Do not believe that this corpse you see is myself
In the name of God, I tell you, it is not I,
I am a spirit, and this is naught but flesh
It was my abode and my garment for a time.
I am a treasure, by a talisman kept hid,
Fashioned of dust, which served me as a shrine,
I am a pearl, which has left it's shell deserted,
I am a bird, and this body was my cage
Whence I have now floron forth and it is left as a token
Praise to God, who hath now set me free
And prepared for me my place in the highest of the heaven,
Until today I was dead, though alive in your midst.
Now I live in truth, with the grave - clothes discarded.
Today I hold converse with the saints above,
With no veil between, I see God face to face.
I look upon "Loh-i-Mahfuz" and there in I read
Whatever was and is and all that is to be.
Let my house fall in ruins, lay my cage in the ground,
Cast away the talisman, it is a token, no more
Lay aside my cloak, it was but my outer garment.
Place them all in the grave, let them be forgotten,
I have passed on my way and you are left behind
Your place of abode was no dwelling place for me.
Think not that death is death, nay, it is life,
A life that surpasses all we could dream of here,
While in this world, here we are granted sleep,
Death is but sleep, sleep that shall be prolonged
Be not frightened when death draweth night,
It is but the departure for this blessed home
Think of the mercy and love of your Lord,
Give thanks for His Grace and come without fear.
What I am now, even so shall you be
For I know that you are even as I am
The souls of all men come forth from God
The bodies of all are compounded alike
Good and evil, alike it was ours
I give you now a message of good cheer
May God's peace and joy for evermore be yours."

-Imam Al-Ghazali

Sidenote : Love isn't blind. Love sees all but doesn't mind. :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

penangan ES.PI.EM.


kalau down the memory lane. pkir2 blik zmn lg knk2 compare dgn skrg ni,,aish. da 3taun brlalu amek cm smlm msuk tadika nanges2 xmahu pisah dhn mk. malu2. brsengkang mata stadi,,sgala mcm kopi kt kdai bli bwk g asrama. sgala mcm bskut mayat usung sumbat dlm loker wt peneman konon2 stay up tp borak je lbey. takpe, niat pnting kn.huhu. rindu amat gelagat2 kt asrama. sape yg prnh jd umat asrama cnfirm 200% ade kenangan masing2 tuk spm..

ms brlalu,,detik demi detik.hri brgnti hari.bulan brganti bulan.2010 pon hmpir meninggalkan kita,,skrg ni zmn pkcik rugby (read: adik sy aka aimi) pulak ambik SPM..esok paper BM, tp cm 1 umah msuk exam hall esok..

emi: kak iman, pe cth bncana alam?
gu: ha? bncana alam? otak da karat laa emi. pe ntah bncana alam. * amat truk*
mama: ya Allah. truknyer pngetahuan am.
gu: kte plak kene ktuk..huuuu~ xptut2. emm,bnjir?
emi: xplain cket..
gu: pndi jek ko nyer kata2 aluan. pdhal dh tw cth nyer bnjir, sj nk tnyer huraian kn..? em....bla3

dh lama tggal BM ni n pngetahuan am, tengok berita jauh skali. tp kalo berita kt KBS World sy tgk. he3.

emi: cgu kate mgkin kuar 1 malaysia. nk cte bnde eh?
gu: silakan mama.
mama: iman laa jwb. kn pndi BM.
gu: ha! ade slide HE psl 1 msia ni. jap2..

haih. bguna gk slide HE an. seb bek xdelete ag.huhu ilmu tu,jgn sekali2 delete..

1 message received.

abah kt kdai dpn ni. aimi nk minum ape2 ke tuk tenaga? sprt kopi jntan? :)

heh. jantan la sgt. dye nk sirap limau.

xpernah ayah sy otw blik dr surau tnye soklan cmni..penangan SPM laaa ni. yela, emosi org nk exm ni kene jaga...even nenek sy yg slalu tdo afte isya' tu p0n trun pdang memberi idea tntang bnjir ni. knape? pnangan SPM laaa jwb nyer.
nth, tp pd sy xkesa laa kt mane skalip0n, ceruk mana skalipun, sbjek pe atau exam yg bakal d ambil tu...yg pnting sbnrnyer berkat. keberkatan ilmu tu penting trmsuklah dr ibubapa,,guru2..kwn2 dll. kalo xde keberkatan dlm tuntut ilmu ni, payah. tp xbrmksud usaha xpnting. doa tanpa usaha=sia2.
dan xkesalaa org laen dpt bpe be4 dis dlm spm,,yg pnting dri kte..
tuk aimi trchenta..xsmstinya cik afiqah dpt *A,,dan cik gugu ni dpt *A awk perlu dpt yg sama supaya org x compare n xckp blkg. persetankan pe org ckp n pkir. buat yg trbaek, kmudian twkal..doa dan selawat byk2. tu yg pnting.

. . . . . . . . . . .

pnsil? check.
pen? check.
eraser? check.
ruler? check.
bj dh iron?check.
esok nk breakfst pe? check.

bhgianyer nk SPM duk umah. dlu zmn sy terkontang-kanting laaa duk ostel. hanya dpt talifon d pg hari menghilangkn keresahan dan gelora d hati...esok stat paper, tdo awl..seisi rumah tdo awl. haha. dasat btul.
ape2 pun sy doakn yg trbaek tuk sume calon spm esp tuk aimi,,junor2 maahad n sepintar. tuk adik lela, tasniim, DD, sofwa dll.

viel gluck!
bittaufiq wannajah!

ps: pelaa sgt spm ni. wah! haha
pss: jgn gelabah2. nti 1 pon xjd.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

its just a post. and i really really mean it. seriously.

I will go back to write nice things when I am in love with the world again.

Ps: having a very bad and annoying fever. T_T
Pss: My thoughts are taking me elsewhere...

Monday, November 15, 2010

soalan bocor spm paper sejarah

Dilarang senyum atau ketawa semasa menjawab, kalau tidak anda akan digagalkan dr Ujian SPM.

1. Siapakah yang membuka Melaka?

a. Param
b. Parameswari
c. Paramugari Terlampau
d. Parameswara
e. Parang Kontot

2. Pada tahun 1771, seorang penjelajah Inggeris telah tiba di sebuah kawasan yang dikenali sebagai New Hebrides, siapakah dia?

a. Kapten Hook
b. Kapten Crook
c. Kapten Cook
d. Kapten Cool
e. Kapten Boleh

3. Siapakah yang pernah menjadi pemerintah Sarawak?

a. Brooke Shields
b. James Beruk
c. James Bond
d. Sapok Biki
e. James Brooke

4. Siapakah yang membuka Pulau Pinang?

a. Torch Light
b. Traffic Light
c. Francisca Peters
d. Light and Easy
e. Francis Light

5. Salah seorang pahlawan melayu terbilang?

a. Tuk Janggut

b. Tuk Misai
c. Tuk Sideburn
d. Tuk Misai A Galak

e. Tuk Bulu Hidung

6. Pahlawan Melayu di Pahang?

a. Mat Kilau
b. Mat Silau
c. M Daud Kilau
d. Mat Sentul
e. Mat Rempit

7. Siapakah Residen Inggeris di Negeri Perak yang dibunuh oleh Datuk Maharajalela?

a. Jawa Jerongos
b. J.W.W Birch
c. Jay Jay
d. J.W.Marriot
e. Jawa Rangers

8. Negara manakah yang menjajah Tanah Melayu selepas Portugis?

a. Ayam Belanda
b. Bela Anda
c. Blender
d. Belanda
e. Blunder

9. Apakah antara hantaran yang diminta Puteri Gunung Ledang kepada Sultan Melaka?

a. 7 dulang hati nyamuk
b. 7 dulang tongkeng ayam
c. 7 dulang tahi hidung
d. 7 dulang tahi lalat
e. 7 dulang gigi arnab

10. Siapakah puteri Pahang yang mencintai Hang Tuah?

a. Tun Mahathir
b. Tan Tin Tun
c. Tun Tak Tahu Eja
d. Tun Teja
e. Arnold Susahanakeja

11. Siapakah puteri Negeri China yang berkahwin dengan Sultan Melaka?

a. Puteri Hang Li Po
b. Puteri Kepala Hotak Hang!
c. Puteri Opah Hang!
d. Puteri Hang Go Poh
e. Puteri Hang Cing

12. Ikan apakah yang melanggar Singapura?

a. Ikan Bilis
b. Ikan Masin
c. Ikan Kembung Masak Asam
d. Ikan kekek mak iloi-iloi
e. Ikan Todak

13. Siapakah Ketua Kominis Malaya?

a. CIMB Bank
b. Chin Peng
c. Soh Chin Aun
d. Chim Pan Zee
e. Chin Chau


ps:thx dr nas shazli currently studying in canada. u make my day. :DD

Thursday, October 28, 2010

welcome to biochemistry

you came in knowing little,
you come out knowing less.

- Prof Aripin.

ade btul nyer pe yg d ckp oleh Prof. btul blur gle dgn biokem ni...

ak nk muntah da ni....
- zyx

busan laa, nk msj org laaaa..
- lela

gu, kte ngantuk...ngantuk.....zzzzzz
- zT

RIA n ELISA is bla bla bla bla......aaaaa~ ngantuknyer...*blink blink*
RIA is used to assay plasma level of digitoxin or digoxin in patients blaaaaa......
haaaa? DIGIMON??
*blink blink*
mane2? -DD
o0ooo...digitoxin n digoxin ni drugs...
ish gu ni....

well,,it happens..

decided>> study week+ exam week= stay at home!

No Matrik : 1090263 No Sem : 3
Nama : NOOR AIMAN BINTI MOHD NOOR No KP : 901206146100

Kod Nama Kursus Set Tarikh Masa Tempoh Tempat No Meja

EH L11082
EH L11082
UTA1062HUBUNGAN ETNIK-01/11/2010 2:30PM
EH L11030
EH L11030
UBA1052BAHASA ARAB III (SAINS)-03/11/2010 2:30PM
EH L11030
PAA2019ANATOMY III(G)MCQ/S08/11/2010 9:00AM
EH L11030
PAA2019ANATOMY III(H&E)08/11/201011:00AM
EH L11030
PAA2019ANATOMY IIIOSPE08/11/2010 2:00PM
EH L11030
EH L11030
EH L11030


ps: holiday! holiday! 13/11-->5/12!~ yatta!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

bsday boy~

so, the one on orange bj melayu is da besday boy.of course. 28 oct 1993. aish. old laaa~~ hu3. the picta was taken 2 years ago, during eid mubarak.
mama said>> ape ni main2. mintak maaf btul2 aimi.
but that's how we used to be. nvr serious when we are together.
but that's how we became very close together. used to, now, in the future, and forever insyaAllah.
ppl asked. which one is abg n which one is adik. for me, its better if he is my big bro. as he's really big, so then he can protect me. but i'm happy that's he is my lil bro as I cn bully him. haha.
we can share everything. every single thing.
boyfriends? check.
girlfriends? check.
knowledge? check.
food. sure do.
clothes?? big NO.
korean movies?? yes!
he can tasmii' me when i'm reciting the Quran.
he can even give lots and lots of tazkirah. (al-aminians) *tiada niat apa2 di sini*

simple word. BIG hope here.
good luck in ur becoming SPM. easy lah. no hal nyer.huhu
do prepare 4 ur PLKN nxt year. *putihkn muka dlu be4 pgi.haha*
no more sengal. skit2 sudah.
may Allah bless u always dear.

ps:miss those days when we hang out togeda geda. nxtweek yah!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

If I were given a dollar for every time I have heard this saying, I would be quite rich. Yes, it may sound romantic and there may even be some merit to it. But the reality is that absence creates an emotional longing which is filled only by fond memories and occasional phone calls. It can lead to emotional enlightenment and may contribute to strengthening bonds, but whether it makes the heart grow fonder or not depends upon the emotional maturity of the two people involved.

I however personally believe that absence makes the heart grow fonder because absence propagates negative emotions. This might seem a little backwards, but it seems quite true. These negative emotions lead to appreciation and reminiscence, which is also a little backwards. Fortunately, your negative emotions produce a positive consequence: you are able to better appreciate that person's presence, and you try to make the most of it.

So, despite the disagreements and altercations... I still yearn for more. And it doesn't feel all that bad :)

To whom it may concern,

Sorry? :)

ps: I still feel that Finals are very far away when in reality, its in 2 weeks time -.-
pss: I'm not stubborn, people just give in to me.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

tribute to zwen


"I am a happily struggling medical student.:DD"

setelah sekian lama quote kt ats ni wujud kt blog n my fb,,bru ari ni ade org btnye btul ke 'happy' tu? n its zawani zanuddin @ zwen. plik senanyer wani tnye cmtu. n lg pelik sbb bnde tu dh lama. he3. dh lame awk curious, br td ade kekuatan nk tnye ea? huuuu~ mula2 awk nk tnyer tu, da way u wanna ask me sumting,,honestly u are scaring me. ha-ha. i tought u gonna ask THAT thing. *u know what* :DD

fyi,,syesly i'm happy. yes, im happy. happy being a medical student. a really struggling medical student.
ble pkir2 blik,,n mmg sy prnh trpkir, kalo sy stay kt fakulti sains kt nilai dgn kwn2 tmhdi dlu, mgkin sy akn lebih happy.sape tahu,sbb fakulti mdic ni dkt sgt dgn umah, sekangkang semut jek,,sy bole blik rumah jumpa fmily sy every week or ble2 ms je, n bnde ni bole buat mereka happy esp. mama, i'm happy then.
n smlm ms sy kt dpn during the physiology seminar n feeling really like crying in front all of u guys,,as im speechless. but still u guys try to help me even i know kte sama2 x prepare tuk seminar as everybody busy,,im happy. sgt. sbb korang ada kt ctu n trying to help me.

then u ask me..'man x tension ke...?'

ish. soklan cepu emas ni. he3. mstilaa kte tnsion wani. nk dkt2 exm ni. tension sgt like u all guys do.ble pkr2 blik, i've nvr well-prepared before i enter the exam hall..*hailaa,truknye* kalo last minit nyer studi tu mmg bese d lakukan. tp ble saat genting cmni, dgn byk bnde x bc ag ni..n when u share ur notes with everybody. fotocopying everything for every body,,sy suke perasaan tu. as for me, when u share, it doesn't only show dat u care them, but it shows that u love them. n i love it! n of course im happy!

n when u ask me,,"is it 'happy' or happy?"

then, I asked didi>>x happy ke?
she replied>>ntah, xde perasaan, hidup jek.*ni mmg jwpn truk*

sumtimes, i feel 'happy'. sumtimes HAPPY. as I drive to the campus since i'm in 2nd yr,,so i really missed those days when I went to the campus by bus..with all of my frens. ntah.perasaan nek bs same2 dgn kwn2, tyme word. gembira. during my last day in nilai after da orientation day in 1st yr,,kali terakhir lambai dgn all my frens before I went to pandan was when all of them berebut2 nk nek bs g kmpus pg2 buta. i cried lots like a kiddy..the memories are beautiful..

n im happy ble kte same2 struggle in our study. struggle to be da best..those feelings makes me happy. ssb tu kte rs "I'm a happily struggling medical students" sesuai tuk kte sume. he3. x ke wani? wani x happy ke? wani x happy ke blaja same2 dgn kte..?1 tuto dgn kte...haha..*xde kaitan pon senanyer..*
mgkin mindset kot senanyer kte pon ssh nk set mind bnde2 cmni. no offense. haha. ntah. kalo selama ni wani x happy or kurang happy,,marilah kte sama2 happy2kn dri. bak kata lela>>senyum slalu.

n i take this from ur blog
"Trying hard to figure out who I really am..."
yup! since kejadian td tu, i'll try harder to figure out who u really are...haha

n u know what,,zawani zainuddin! saya sayang awak sgt lah! weee~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


1. I have developed ****** allergies.

2. I get to know the final exam's timetable. haih.

3. My troubled head puts me to sleep at random hours.

4. I keep saying "Haih, I'm so tired".

5. And I do feel INSANELY tired.

6. And OLD.


Failure can also be a wake up call to make amends for a brighter future in mind, body and soul. Believe in thyself.

Monday, October 18, 2010



Wednesday, October 13, 2010

week 15

There are too many things to do. Yet so little time and the amount of distractions-wow.

Things to do this week:
Study and catch up with the rest.

Monday, October 11, 2010

kenangan itu manis, ukhwah itu indah.

during the 'day of happiness'


da back row~

practise makes perfect!

ps: ooo la laaaaa~ assignment2,,PBL,study2~

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

7 tahun saya bercinta,akhirnya.......

kalau tgk tjuk ni, cm tjuk tuk karangan SPM yg jenis smbung cerita. alaaa...yang soklan favourite dak2 kalo soklan cmni kuar..* soklan favourite saya, xtaw korang semua..setiap kali exam tyme form 5 dulu, soklan cmni laa sy jwb. jarang saya jwb soklan fakta.sebab pling jelas sbb sy ni kurang membaca. surat khabar everyday pon saya x baca. kalo baca pon geledah balik kat rak tyme blik umah weekend. tu pon kalo rajin saya nk baca laaa. ari ni tetbe saya cm sgt-rndu-amat nk tulis karangan jenis cerita ni laaaa..dan kali ni saya yg tntukan tjuk dye sndri.."7 TAHUN SAYA BERCINTA,AKHIRNYA......."


7 tahun saya bercinta, akhirnya saya brpisah jugak dengan braces yg melekat kt gg ni,, ye. saya pakai braces dh 7 tahun. kalau nk d ikutkan dh 7 tahun lebih. satu jangka masa yang sangat saya dah bkak braces more betty. no more gg besi. but, i'm proud to be one..kalau yg knl dgn sy sjk form 1>>sofwa, mus'ab,mujahid,anip..diorg sume sy knl ms form 1 tyme sy da berchenta dgn braces be precise, sy stat pki brces ni ms umur 12 tahun. btul2 baru abes UPSR.tahun 2002.hujung tahun,tyme pose. masih segar d ingatan. mama yg suruh pki ble nmpak gg sy da stat masih ingat lg ape dr. rasyidah ckp,,

> gg aiman ni bertindih je. tak ke depan pon. elok sket kalo pki braces ni..

tyme ni sy da mencebik..malasnye nk pki braces. sebenarnyer tak tahu menahu pon pe tu pendakap gg. yelaaa, tyme tu knk2 ribena lg. ikut jelaa pe mama ckp. mom's choice is da best. menangis ms cbut 4 ketul gg kekal. merana saya dkt 2 mggu mkn epal,bubur je lps cbut gg. melalak sy masa 2 jam menganga 1st tyme d pasang besi kt gg. ble pkir blik malu je nanges, tp sumpah sakit kot. hailaaaa...Dia je yg tahu tyme tu. 2mggu pertama pki braces,,mmg kurus keding sy, sakit every tyme mkn..jd senang cte. xya mkn. stat blik mkn bubur. smpi sy dmam truk sbb skit gg. lg merana ble form 1 masuk maahad kene duk ostel. sakit gg, nasi lak cm batu. mgkuk ayun btul..sabar..sabar... rutin sy sejak tu, every two months pegi dental ade apoimen,,setiap kali dye tukar besi, smggu jugk laa tahan sakit..every two months jugaklaaa abah setia teman pegi jumpa doktor. dari saya umur 12 thn, smpi umur 20 ni. sbb duk asrama n jauh laa kdg2 sy skip apoimen.bkn kdg2,,slalu jugklaa..mgkin tu slh satu sbb tempoh sy pki braces ni lama x mcm org laen. ble msuk SBPI rawang lg laa merana. dr umah je da dkt sejam. blik pulak once a month. kdg2 once in two months. ponteng apoimen lg. jauh kot. kesian abah jugak. brtmbah lg tempoh pki braces ni. kalau kt skola, nama2 gelaran besi, pagar besi..GG. sy dh lali. mule2 bengang, lame2 tu dh bese. mulut org kte tak bole nk ttp kn. lantaklaa korang..kalau tyme raye lglaaa..evry year bnde yg sama d tnye,bnde yg sama jugklaaa sy jwb.

abg boy ( cousin ) >> bla nk bkak besi tu.
pak tam>> atam tgk tak bkak2 pon besi tu.
pak lang>>ble nk bkak?
saya>> be4 grad.

fauzan ( cousin ) >> fauzan yg pki lmbt ni pon da bkak. kak iman bila lg?
saya>> be4 kawen *ni da thp oren punye bosan ni.

tu yang saya jarang jumpa, bole kata sekali setaun jumpe diorg..yg sy hadap kt umah everyday tu lg laaa meyesakkn jiwa.

mama>> ble laaa nk bkak. gg tu ke dpn,ke blkg,ke dpn blkg. jarang, rapat balik. dh rapat, kang jarang balik.
saya>> mama kan yg suruh pki. rileklaaa.

abah>> suruh dy bkak cepat.
saya>> nti iman amek tukul besi ke ape cabut sndri * ni pon da thp strawberi punye busan.

7 tahun ulang alik kt klinik pergigian datuk keramat tu. tak payah cte laaa bape kali klinik tu renovate sepanjang 7 tahun. bape kali tukat receiptionist yg tercongok kt dpn klinik tu. doktor ortodontik yg every tyme cek gg ni pon bertukar2. dr rasyidah pindah klinik cahaya suria,dr Ng pencen n skg dr nisah.,kad apoimen pon tukar yang baru setiap kali koyak rabak..sadis bile pkir blik. tp yg best sebenarnye,,

> dh tak payah susahkan abah setiap kali apoimen kene bawak g klinik.
>dh tak payah nk pantang mkn sgt sbb tkut besi kt gg ni patah.
>dh tak payah nk jwb
soklan yg sama setiap kali bli rye.
>tak payah ponteng kls setiap kali ade apoimen.

>dah tak dga lg org pggl sy penguin bergigi besi. thx 4 dat nway.
> yg plg pnting SAYA AMAT GEMBIRA!

PS: doakn saya gumbira dgn gg 'baru' saya! ^^

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I don't even know that I'm old enough to be writing an autobiography, since the big TWO OH still has not hit me yet, but I thought it would be a fun way to pass the time until that hour comes when I shall doze off.

Autobiographies are generally indulgent, if you were to ask me. I have tried to write an autobiography for years. Why? Because only when it is all on paper (or screen) will it all seem real. From where I sit today, my life seems as odd and ethereal as a dream or non-linear movie.

I love my life. I am a happily struggling medical student, have hobbies that cost rather than pay, am within the protection of a loving family, am blessed with physical health, and enjoy active participation in my social, spiritual, and freelance lives.

Many years back, I was a boisterous, frolicsome girl in a pretty dress. You wouldn’t fancy getting on my bad side for I was known for antics such as leaving fried meehoon in people’s desks over the weekend so that their place will stink horribly on Mondays (bonus if they put their books in without checking!) and also slapping people if she thought you cried too much - all before my 6th birthday. In short, I was little, cute, yet loud and annoying.

However, those handful of years being raised as a second child - that is before Aimi came along - were essential to my personal maturation and the lifelong appreciation I would have for everything that does not come easily. Several years after that, school came and left, and I had already established an identity as a quirky individual with a capacity for strong imagination, lighthearted attitude, quick thinking, lame-ness, and boundless energy.

I was blessed with the opportunity to go to a boarding school when I was in Form 4. So, my high school on SEPINTAR was just awesome and I can say that I enjoyed my life there.

As a little girl, I wanted to be many things. I clearly remember wanting to be a cashier. Big bucks there!! The next phase I remember was wanting to be a rubbish collector. Don’t ask me. I was little and besides, I figured that I’d get to ride the big rubbish truck all day. haha. Can hardly fathom what kind of joy the little me could possibly get from that. Next up was a rockstar. I guess I just didn't realize at a young age you must be able to carry a tune to make a living at singing. huuuu~

Time came for me to take off my rose-coloured glasses and thankfully, running behind all these things was ‘doctor’.

With His letting, granted I am the opportunity to pursue what I 'love' and what I will always enjoy doing despite the absurd demands of the profession. I can vaguely recall thinking to myself “I’m going to be a doctor” but as I began to get a grip of who I really am, I developed a strange liking for art.

But it was certainly not always this easy and dandy. It has taken age, experience, and growth to get to where I am right now, not to mention the valuable support of friends and family and the help of many helpful contacts I have gained along the way. Although one’s life could be expressed in a dozen lengthy tomes, this here is a mere summary into my Earthly existence thus far. My complete autobiography would take many more pages to fill than readers are happy to review. :)

In 20 years time, like a good many people, I would like to be a woman that has worn many shoes and hats in her life time. I know I am a simple girl but I have great expectations to where my life is going. To share these life experiences with others, are the goals I have set for myself. The colorful characters that I see in myself are like multi-personalities. All different and individual from one another. It is something I can replicate and carry all through my life. Though sometimes I see myself as a boring person trying to escape her boring deluge by writing nonsense on her blog. Urf.

On the spiritual side, I am thankful for every sunrise because I know that it was not promised to me and it is only through God's love that my life has substance. Best to leave it at that :)

Now, my mummy told me that its not sensible to put every minute detail of one's life online for all the world to see. Perhaps it is better for me to sign off here and leave the rest to you to figure out for yourselves.

Goodbye :)

gambar sekadar hiasan.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Viel Glück!

finish watching>>MY NAME IS KHAN.
off to UPM tomorrow>> intermedical badminton tournament.
waiting>> arabic exam+3s campaign+assignment BI,HE,history n medicine.

ps:do wish me luck for tomorrow to face all the so-called-badminton's-rules~ *sigh*

Monday, September 20, 2010


Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.
Praise the Lord for granting me ease.
Praise the Lord for granting me disquiet.
For gives from what He takes.
And takes from what He gives.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Have faith!

HOME SWEET HOME everybody~! i'm going 'home' tonite. gudbye froggie, gudbye everybody. no more bngun lewat. no more g dapur n makan. let's get back to da usual-routine.
routine of the pre-clinical-medical-student. *sigh*
result mdsem!> redHa dgn ketentuan-Nya.
quoting back what dr noraini has said>>strive for da best during final. insyaAllah.

tribute to da lil-muhammad-aimi. gdLuck in ur trial SPM starting tomorrow. prove dat Al-Aminians cn do it to towards dis sepintarians..heh.

Courage, at times in our life we all need t
o have the courage to face our fears. We need to do things that we don't want to, we need to let go of the old so we can bring in the new. We need to have the courage to either walk away or face it head on. When we get too comfortable, too complacent we want to stay in the place which makes us feels safe. While yes, we do step out of it but then we go right back into it. We are even afraid to spread our wings so we can fly, and grow. W all need to have courage to grow, to gain strength, to do what is right. When we face courage, we are being brave no matter how much we dont want to. We are showing strength, that we can overcome obstacles that get in our way. We may think that we are doing it for the right reasons.

Then are we really doing it for the right reasons?
Have faith!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


YESTERDAY, i went to Perak wif abah; along wif da lovely-dovey-lil VIVA. da actual plan was, went to ipoh to visit relatives there together wif mama,aimi n miss afiqah ( senang cte 1 fmily),,but bec0z of mama's relatives from klang has made a phone call to come n visit on da same day, so here we (me n abah) come to Perak!

went off to Perak at 8 o'clock in da morning,,arrived at atam's house in Sg. Siput bout 11 a.m. I hd a chit n chat with atam n mak tam while waiting for alang,acu,acik,tok,sara (my cousin) n my beloved-'big'-n-cutey faiz(nephew) to arrive from penang. well, acording to my atam, tok wan teh (my granny from my father's side), she has 7 siblings; tok wa,tok ngah,tok lang,tok anjang (my nenek aka tok wan teh),tok cik,tok su,tok su II..pause! im sure u guys are confused, who is tok su? tok su II?? why tok wan teh?? let me clarify.
1st> becoz of my grandma loooooves to wear bedak sjuk,,ooops! she loooooooooves to wear very very veeeeeery thick bedak sejuk every each tyme after she takes her wudhu',,so, da whole day, every day, ever since dat I can remember, she looks very 'white'+gebu=tok wan teh.
2nd> all my tok's siblings are girl except da second last is a boy=tok su.
3rd> my moyang was frustrated becoz she wanted to hv a son, but till tok cik there's no boy,all girl. after a few years, she got a son which is tok su. n she taugth that's more children. so, da last one being called as usu. but, luckily she got a new baby girl after a very loooong years and called da last one as tok su II.
4th> tok ngah died last 7 years. everybody was here except tok ngah.Al-Fatihah.

ok,lets continue. thx 4 da lunch mak tam! da mr crab u cook for us;awesome!
1st stop>chemor,uncle mus's house. he is my father's cousin. dis was da 1st tyme i met him. he's not well as he had a stroke since june dis year. he hv 8 children, da 1st two are girl, n da rest are boys.

nxt stop> simpang pulai. tok cik's house. act, da day we went back to KL from penang, we left at 11 in da morning, and tok cik's family arrived penang at 12 noon. so, there's no one home except tok cik n her husband,tok anjang* act, we shud called him as tok cik, but in his siblings, he is da 4th=anjang. before we went to nxt stop, tok cik's daughter; my father's cousin arrived. her husband is one of da professor in UM..i know him. unfortunately they hv no child after 10 years married, so they decided to adopt a child.poor them. da best part, he gave me duet raye! rm*00! thx lots uncle!

last stop> tok su II house. dis is da 1st tyme i went to her house since her last daughter married bout 12 years ago. according to my father, her 1st son-in-law is one of da tv3's sports reporter.dun asked me which one, i dont know either. and,,,,,her husband;tok cik owned one of da caltex petrol station in simpang pulai. best nyer! hoh0. stop! why do i called him tok cik? why not tok su? ok2. da thing is i hv my tok su(da 2nd last boy dat we taught da last child,da only boy,,he lives in Taiping).n as tok cik's husband we called as tok anjang, so we dont get confused between them. simple!

extra extra!
>>tok wa, she lives in taiping. she got alzheimer. da one thing i remembered about her is she's very cute!
>>tok ngah. i dont really remember her n she died when i was small.
>>tok lang lives in taiping. she has 4 children if im not mistaken;all girl.
>>tok anjang(my grandma). i hv no atuk, he died when my father was in primary school. used to be called as tok kapai as he worked as sailor.
>>tok cik. she's da one dat very close to my granny. she's cute too.
>>tok in taiping too, nearby tok wa n tok lang. but i cnt really remember him.
>>tok su II. a lil bit garang. her husband; tok cik is very handsome!

these are why i love raye very much besides all da duet raye thingy. because i can only meet them during raye tyme!^^

me n my nephew, faiz ^^

nxtweek..i'll be back in my usual routine, and academia will take da precedence. Wake up, class, class, class, eat, class, class, come home, stone, stuff face, watch korean drama , study, watch korean drama again and sleep, sleep, sleep till the 6 a.m alarm clock screams in my ear reminding me that I have to repeat all of the above for the next 18 hours.*sigh*

Sunday, September 12, 2010

warna warni di aidilfitri :D


biasa, sprt thn2 yg lalu, dan setelah brthun2 lamenyer kami 1 fmily memprktiskn budaya ini..every 1st rye 4 every year, penang is da destination, so as dis year..n disbbkn oleh budaya ini lebih rapat dgn family sblh abah kt penang compare dgn family mama kt klang (ad baik n bruknye budaya ni) da reason is, nenek sblh mama dok dgn ktorg... so 4 dis yr..gerak ke penang about 12 noon on thursday, one day be4 raye..abah drive xsmpi sejam,mata da ngantuk cm byk gle setan gayut2 kt mata even setan xd cz still ramadhan..:D
1) tgahari buta drive mmg ngantuk.

2) penumpang yg len pon membuta. mane tak nyer kn..
3) mlm smlm tdo lmbt sbb dy jenjln kt jln TAR cri bj rye smpi kul 3, 4 pg..

natijahnyer?--> cik noor afiqah mengambil alih tmpt sementara pkck md noor berehat d blkg. yelaaa, dr drive mengantuk, bek tukar driver, pndulah brhati2,ingatlah org trsyg,,:D

smpi kt penang cek in hotel 1926 dlm kul 430 ptg. da dkt 3-4 thn jugk la rye tdo kt hotel.sbb? sume da bsr gajah, so cm x selesa tdo umah nenek yg x sebesar mane..(malu bgn lmbt senanyer.huhu). alaaaa, sekangkang semut jek dr umah tok, so x kesa sgt..dkt tyme buke pose br serbu umah tok brbekalkn sedikit mknn bli otw be4 dtg td.
as usual, even kami laa plg jauh(dr KL), tp family ni jugklaaa slalo0 spent buke ari last ramdhan kt umah dat nite of raye,lps solat,g tesco alasan nk bli air tuk tetamu yg dtg last,rezeki laaa katekn..dpt bli air tin oren..dgn harge sekupang(10 sen) for every each one..da best part is, buy 1 free 1..hoh0. so, 1 air tin oren=5 sen saje! gumbira xtrkate..boronglaa yg sdy nyer, bratur pnjg-gle-yg-teramat-sgt..smpi acu sy kate "pi blik umah tok,mkn tdoq mkn tdoq pon smpat".huhu.

mlm raye, as usual,,men mercun=tdo lmbt=iron bj timbun2=tgk tb.raye2!

pg raye,cm bese..ktorg g umah tok lmbt pon,dlm kul 10 lbey,still kami laa fmily 1st smpi...atam n ateh smpi ptg rye, family angah n along dtg 2nd rye. oh! btw, thn ni sy dpt duet rye lg..mencecah tiga angka jugklaa ringgit msia tu.hu3. alang sy ckp slagi still single n available, masih dpt duet rye,ble dh duo nti xde laa duet rye,even ateh sy bg duet lby sbb da bsr.plik tp bnr,hoh0.

tp part sy xsuke..ble relatives jauh,let say cousins abah, 2nd cousins abah, even my 2nd cousins dtg melawat..soklan sama d tnyer..'iman form bpe thn ni?' or pointing at my adik n say " aimi ni abg eh?" mmg la best nmpk cm mude, tp busan kot soklan yg same. em, but still i think its better than having question like this.."dek na (my cousin,same age as me) nk nikah dh nxt year,iman ble lg..?"..tyme tu sy cm nk jwb==>dek na nxt yr,iman end of dis yr. haha =.=
1st day of raye,sgt2 penat..perut pon full,poket pon full. huuu~ cume kalo rye ari jumaat ni kene tggu all da guys abes solat jumaat dlu bru bole gerak ke mane2..

da 2 nd day of raye, usually stay je kt umah tok...tgk tv (astro) cte mlayu sdy2, smpi meleleh2 air mata. haha,,smbil tggu relatives jek dtg tgk tok..o0o,2nd rye which is smlm..kabel utama jmbtn penang;kabel elektrik utama ke pulau ( umah tok sy kt pulau@after da bridge) trbakar..luckily xde effect letrik kt umah,kalo x,,,jenuh laa brpanas rye2 ni..cume nyer,lmbt laaa relatives sy smpi umah tok, sbb stuck kt jmbtn penang tu, xle gerak..lewat ptg mmg full house r umah tok..d sbbkn trlalu boring,diorg smpi umah tok lmbt sgt,,sy, puan arbayah(my m0m) n adik-sy-yg-bsr-dan-dianggap-sbg-abg melenyapkn dri ke gurney plaza utk menonton wayang! haha. gurney plaza is at da gurney drive,kwsn yg kene tsunami kalo musim raye ni, gurney tu mmg full dgn chinese..sgt dan amat ramai..umah tok sy xsmpi 5min ke gurney plaza tu.jd xde mslh! weee~ tgk cte PIRANHA.awesome! even adik sy tu blom 18 ag, but still sy nk tegaskn 18 n above sj bole tgk cte tu.syes. tp be4 msuk tgk movie tu, sy jugak laa kene mnx IC,nk cnfmkn dh 18 ke blom.bukan adk sy, nyampah btul! h0h0
dkt mghrib nk blik after tgk movie, ayah sy trslh direction nk u-turn blik umah tok, so trpkse lah wt muke comel kt chinese girl kete blkg nk tukar blik direction. naseb chinese tu snyum jek. but da thing is, kete blkg to da chinese girl,,mamat-tak-hensem-dan-bukan-taste-saya,,trunkn tingkap kete dy yg fully tinted gelap,,n dy agkt tgn n he was like saying 'apela,bodoh btul..' huh.wlupn sy samseng KL,tp sy pduli ape kt penang pon,,sy pon genggam tgn sy yg kcik-comel-dan-sweet ni kt mamat sengal tu. haha.pdn muke dy. smpi umah tok,,fullhouse!! rmi org...huuu~ rmi org, duet rye pon byk..O.0

3rd rye,,pulang KL! kalo ikot berita TV tu, 12-4 ptg adalah da best tyme blik KL from penang,,so,dlm kul 11 gerak blik after isi perut kt umah tok.huhu..dis weekend jumpe mereka2 lg d penang sbb nk tgk tok sedare lak kt taiping..x sbar! smpi umh dlm pkul 5 lbey...kelam kabut isi kuih rye dlm bekas sbb tkut org dtg beraya mlm nyer,,bad luck 4 me, mata kanan kene cium dgn semut tyme tga sronok isi kuih brsame aimi terchenta.hoh0. sok nk rye kt klang plk..tgklaaa mate ni da ok blum.huhu

ps: sok blik klang dgn mata bengkak sebelah..=.='