Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I don't even know that I'm old enough to be writing an autobiography, since the big TWO OH still has not hit me yet, but I thought it would be a fun way to pass the time until that hour comes when I shall doze off.

Autobiographies are generally indulgent, if you were to ask me. I have tried to write an autobiography for years. Why? Because only when it is all on paper (or screen) will it all seem real. From where I sit today, my life seems as odd and ethereal as a dream or non-linear movie.

I love my life. I am a happily struggling medical student, have hobbies that cost rather than pay, am within the protection of a loving family, am blessed with physical health, and enjoy active participation in my social, spiritual, and freelance lives.

Many years back, I was a boisterous, frolicsome girl in a pretty dress. You wouldn’t fancy getting on my bad side for I was known for antics such as leaving fried meehoon in people’s desks over the weekend so that their place will stink horribly on Mondays (bonus if they put their books in without checking!) and also slapping people if she thought you cried too much - all before my 6th birthday. In short, I was little, cute, yet loud and annoying.

However, those handful of years being raised as a second child - that is before Aimi came along - were essential to my personal maturation and the lifelong appreciation I would have for everything that does not come easily. Several years after that, school came and left, and I had already established an identity as a quirky individual with a capacity for strong imagination, lighthearted attitude, quick thinking, lame-ness, and boundless energy.

I was blessed with the opportunity to go to a boarding school when I was in Form 4. So, my high school on SEPINTAR was just awesome and I can say that I enjoyed my life there.

As a little girl, I wanted to be many things. I clearly remember wanting to be a cashier. Big bucks there!! The next phase I remember was wanting to be a rubbish collector. Don’t ask me. I was little and besides, I figured that I’d get to ride the big rubbish truck all day. haha. Can hardly fathom what kind of joy the little me could possibly get from that. Next up was a rockstar. I guess I just didn't realize at a young age you must be able to carry a tune to make a living at singing. huuuu~

Time came for me to take off my rose-coloured glasses and thankfully, running behind all these things was ‘doctor’.

With His letting, granted I am the opportunity to pursue what I 'love' and what I will always enjoy doing despite the absurd demands of the profession. I can vaguely recall thinking to myself “I’m going to be a doctor” but as I began to get a grip of who I really am, I developed a strange liking for art.

But it was certainly not always this easy and dandy. It has taken age, experience, and growth to get to where I am right now, not to mention the valuable support of friends and family and the help of many helpful contacts I have gained along the way. Although one’s life could be expressed in a dozen lengthy tomes, this here is a mere summary into my Earthly existence thus far. My complete autobiography would take many more pages to fill than readers are happy to review. :)

In 20 years time, like a good many people, I would like to be a woman that has worn many shoes and hats in her life time. I know I am a simple girl but I have great expectations to where my life is going. To share these life experiences with others, are the goals I have set for myself. The colorful characters that I see in myself are like multi-personalities. All different and individual from one another. It is something I can replicate and carry all through my life. Though sometimes I see myself as a boring person trying to escape her boring deluge by writing nonsense on her blog. Urf.

On the spiritual side, I am thankful for every sunrise because I know that it was not promised to me and it is only through God's love that my life has substance. Best to leave it at that :)

Now, my mummy told me that its not sensible to put every minute detail of one's life online for all the world to see. Perhaps it is better for me to sign off here and leave the rest to you to figure out for yourselves.

Goodbye :)

gambar sekadar hiasan.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Viel Glück!

finish watching>>MY NAME IS KHAN.
off to UPM tomorrow>> intermedical badminton tournament.
waiting>> arabic exam+3s campaign+assignment BI,HE,history n medicine.

ps:do wish me luck for tomorrow to face all the so-called-badminton's-rules~ *sigh*

Monday, September 20, 2010


Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah Alhamdulillah.
Praise the Lord for granting me ease.
Praise the Lord for granting me disquiet.
For gives from what He takes.
And takes from what He gives.

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Have faith!

HOME SWEET HOME everybody~! i'm going 'home' tonite. gudbye froggie, gudbye everybody. no more bngun lewat. no more g dapur n makan. let's get back to da usual-routine.
routine of the pre-clinical-medical-student. *sigh*
result mdsem!> redHa dgn ketentuan-Nya.
quoting back what dr noraini has said>>strive for da best during final. insyaAllah.

tribute to da lil-muhammad-aimi. gdLuck in ur trial SPM starting tomorrow. prove dat Al-Aminians cn do it to towards dis sepintarians..heh.

Courage, at times in our life we all need t
o have the courage to face our fears. We need to do things that we don't want to, we need to let go of the old so we can bring in the new. We need to have the courage to either walk away or face it head on. When we get too comfortable, too complacent we want to stay in the place which makes us feels safe. While yes, we do step out of it but then we go right back into it. We are even afraid to spread our wings so we can fly, and grow. W all need to have courage to grow, to gain strength, to do what is right. When we face courage, we are being brave no matter how much we dont want to. We are showing strength, that we can overcome obstacles that get in our way. We may think that we are doing it for the right reasons.

Then are we really doing it for the right reasons?
Have faith!

Thursday, September 16, 2010


YESTERDAY, i went to Perak wif abah; along wif da lovely-dovey-lil VIVA. da actual plan was, went to ipoh to visit relatives there together wif mama,aimi n miss afiqah ( senang cte 1 fmily),,but bec0z of mama's relatives from klang has made a phone call to come n visit on da same day, so here we (me n abah) come to Perak!

went off to Perak at 8 o'clock in da morning,,arrived at atam's house in Sg. Siput bout 11 a.m. I hd a chit n chat with atam n mak tam while waiting for alang,acu,acik,tok,sara (my cousin) n my beloved-'big'-n-cutey faiz(nephew) to arrive from penang. well, acording to my atam, tok wan teh (my granny from my father's side), she has 7 siblings; tok wa,tok ngah,tok lang,tok anjang (my nenek aka tok wan teh),tok cik,tok su,tok su II..pause! im sure u guys are confused, who is tok su? tok su II?? why tok wan teh?? let me clarify.
1st> becoz of my grandma loooooves to wear bedak sjuk,,ooops! she loooooooooves to wear very very veeeeeery thick bedak sejuk every each tyme after she takes her wudhu',,so, da whole day, every day, ever since dat I can remember, she looks very 'white'+gebu=tok wan teh.
2nd> all my tok's siblings are girl except da second last is a boy=tok su.
3rd> my moyang was frustrated becoz she wanted to hv a son, but till tok cik there's no boy,all girl. after a few years, she got a son which is tok su. n she taugth that's it.no more children. so, da last one being called as usu. but, luckily she got a new baby girl after a very loooong years and called da last one as tok su II.
4th> tok ngah died last 7 years. everybody was here except tok ngah.Al-Fatihah.

ok,lets continue. thx 4 da lunch mak tam! da mr crab u cook for us;awesome!
1st stop>chemor,uncle mus's house. he is my father's cousin. dis was da 1st tyme i met him. he's not well as he had a stroke since june dis year. he hv 8 children, da 1st two are girl, n da rest are boys.

nxt stop> simpang pulai. tok cik's house. act, da day we went back to KL from penang, we left at 11 in da morning, and tok cik's family arrived penang at 12 noon. so, there's no one home except tok cik n her husband,tok anjang* act, we shud called him as tok cik, but in his siblings, he is da 4th=anjang. before we went to nxt stop, tok cik's daughter; my father's cousin arrived. her husband is one of da professor in UM..i know him. unfortunately they hv no child after 10 years married, so they decided to adopt a child.poor them. da best part, he gave me duet raye! rm*00! thx lots uncle!

last stop> tok su II house. dis is da 1st tyme i went to her house since her last daughter married bout 12 years ago. according to my father, her 1st son-in-law is one of da tv3's sports reporter.dun asked me which one, i dont know either. and,,,,,her husband;tok cik owned one of da caltex petrol station in simpang pulai. best nyer! hoh0. stop! why do i called him tok cik? why not tok su? ok2. da thing is i hv my tok su(da 2nd last boy dat we taught da last child,da only boy,,he lives in Taiping).n as tok cik's husband we called as tok anjang, so we dont get confused between them. simple!

extra extra!
>>tok wa, she lives in taiping. she got alzheimer. da one thing i remembered about her is she's very cute!
>>tok ngah. i dont really remember her n she died when i was small.
>>tok lang lives in taiping. she has 4 children if im not mistaken;all girl.
>>tok anjang(my grandma). i hv no atuk, he died when my father was in primary school. used to be called as tok kapai as he worked as sailor.
>>tok cik. she's da one dat very close to my granny. she's cute too.
>>tok su.live in taiping too, nearby tok wa n tok lang. but i cnt really remember him.
>>tok su II. a lil bit garang. her husband; tok cik is very handsome!

these are why i love raye very much besides all da duet raye thingy. because i can only meet them during raye tyme!^^

me n my nephew, faiz ^^

nxtweek..i'll be back in my usual routine, and academia will take da precedence. Wake up, class, class, class, eat, class, class, come home, stone, stuff face, watch korean drama , study, watch korean drama again and sleep, sleep, sleep till the 6 a.m alarm clock screams in my ear reminding me that I have to repeat all of the above for the next 18 hours.*sigh*

Sunday, September 12, 2010

warna warni di aidilfitri :D


biasa, sprt thn2 yg lalu, dan setelah brthun2 lamenyer kami 1 fmily memprktiskn budaya ini..every 1st rye 4 every year, penang is da destination, so as dis year..n disbbkn oleh budaya ini lah..sy lebih rapat dgn family sblh abah kt penang compare dgn family mama kt klang (ad baik n bruknye budaya ni) da reason is, nenek sblh mama dok dgn ktorg... so 4 dis yr..gerak ke penang about 12 noon on thursday, one day be4 raye..abah drive xsmpi sejam,mata da ngantuk cm cipan..cm byk gle setan gayut2 kt mata even setan xd cz still ramadhan..:D
1) tgahari buta drive mmg ngantuk.

2) penumpang yg len pon membuta. mane tak nyer kn..
3) mlm smlm tdo lmbt sbb dy jenjln kt jln TAR cri bj rye smpi kul 3, 4 pg..

natijahnyer?--> cik noor afiqah mengambil alih tmpt sementara pkck md noor berehat d blkg. yelaaa, dr drive mengantuk, bek tukar driver, pndulah brhati2,ingatlah org trsyg,,:D

smpi kt penang cek in hotel 1926 dlm kul 430 ptg. da dkt 3-4 thn jugk la rye tdo kt hotel.sbb? sume da bsr gajah, so cm x selesa tdo umah nenek yg x sebesar mane..(malu bgn lmbt senanyer.huhu). alaaaa, sekangkang semut jek dr umah tok, so x kesa sgt..dkt tyme buke pose br serbu umah tok brbekalkn sedikit mknn bli otw be4 dtg td.
as usual, even kami laa plg jauh(dr KL), tp family ni jugklaaa slalo0 spent buke ari last ramdhan kt umah tok..so dat nite of raye,lps solat,g tesco alasan nk bli air tuk tetamu yg dtg sok..at last,rezeki laaa katekn..dpt bli air tin oren..dgn harge sekupang(10 sen) for every each one..da best part is, buy 1 free 1..hoh0. so, 1 air tin oren=5 sen saje! gumbira xtrkate..boronglaa byk2..tp yg sdy nyer, bratur pnjg-gle-yg-teramat-sgt..smpi acu sy kate "pi blik umah tok,mkn tdoq mkn tdoq pon smpat".huhu.

mlm raye, as usual,,men mercun=tdo lmbt=iron bj timbun2=tgk tb.raye2!

pg raye,cm bese..ktorg g umah tok lmbt pon,dlm kul 10 lbey,still kami laa fmily 1st smpi...atam n ateh smpi ptg rye, family angah n along dtg 2nd rye. oh! btw, thn ni sy dpt duet rye lg..mencecah tiga angka jugklaa ringgit msia tu.hu3. alang sy ckp slagi still single n available, masih dpt duet rye,ble dh duo nti xde laa duet rye,even ateh sy bg duet lby sbb da bsr.plik tp bnr,hoh0.

tp part sy xsuke..ble relatives jauh,let say cousins abah, 2nd cousins abah, even my 2nd cousins dtg melawat..soklan sama d tnyer..'iman form bpe thn ni?' or pointing at my adik n say " aimi ni abg eh?"...aiyo000...best mmg la best nmpk cm mude, tp busan kot soklan yg same. em, but still i think its better than having question like this.."dek na (my cousin,same age as me) nk nikah dh nxt year,iman ble lg..?"..tyme tu sy cm nk jwb==>dek na nxt yr,iman end of dis yr. haha =.=
1st day of raye,sgt2 penat..perut pon full,poket pon full. huuu~ cume kalo rye ari jumaat ni kene tggu all da guys abes solat jumaat dlu bru bole gerak ke mane2..

da 2 nd day of raye, usually stay je kt umah tok...tgk tv (astro) cte mlayu sdy2, smpi meleleh2 air mata. haha,,smbil tggu relatives jek dtg tgk tok..o0o,2nd rye which is smlm..kabel utama jmbtn penang;kabel elektrik utama ke pulau ( umah tok sy kt pulau@after da bridge) trbakar..luckily xde effect letrik kt umah,kalo x,,,jenuh laa brpanas rye2 ni..cume nyer,lmbt laaa relatives sy smpi umah tok, sbb stuck kt jmbtn penang tu, xle gerak..lewat ptg mmg full house r umah tok..d sbbkn trlalu boring,diorg smpi umah tok lmbt sgt,,sy, puan arbayah(my m0m) n adik-sy-yg-bsr-dan-dianggap-sbg-abg melenyapkn dri ke gurney plaza utk menonton wayang! haha. gurney plaza is at da gurney drive,kwsn yg kene tsunami dlu..tp kalo musim raye ni, gurney tu mmg full dgn chinese..sgt dan amat ramai..umah tok sy xsmpi 5min ke gurney plaza tu.jd xde mslh! weee~ tgk cte PIRANHA.awesome! even adik sy tu blom 18 ag, but still sy nk tegaskn 18 n above sj bole tgk cte tu.syes. tp be4 msuk tgk movie tu, sy jugak laa kene mnx IC,nk cnfmkn dh 18 ke blom.bukan adk sy, nyampah btul! h0h0
dkt mghrib nk blik after tgk movie, ayah sy trslh direction nk u-turn blik umah tok, so trpkse lah wt muke comel kt chinese girl kete blkg nk tukar blik direction. naseb chinese tu snyum jek. but da thing is, kete blkg to da chinese girl,,mamat-tak-hensem-dan-bukan-taste-saya,,trunkn tingkap kete dy yg fully tinted gelap,,n dy agkt tgn n he was like saying 'apela,bodoh btul..' huh.wlupn sy samseng KL,tp sy pduli ape kt penang pon,,sy pon genggam tgn sy yg kcik-comel-dan-sweet ni kt mamat sengal tu. haha.pdn muke dy. smpi umah tok,,fullhouse!! rmi org...huuu~ rmi org, duet rye pon byk..O.0

3rd rye,,pulang KL! kalo ikot berita TV tu, 12-4 ptg adalah da best tyme blik KL from penang,,so,dlm kul 11 gerak blik after isi perut kt umah tok.huhu..dis weekend jumpe mereka2 lg d penang sbb nk tgk tok sedare lak kt taiping..x sbar! smpi umh dlm pkul 5 lbey...kelam kabut isi kuih rye dlm bekas sbb tkut org dtg beraya mlm nyer,,bad luck 4 me, mata kanan kene cium dgn semut tyme tga sronok isi kuih brsame aimi terchenta.hoh0. sok nk rye kt klang plk..tgklaaa mate ni da ok blum.huhu

ps: sok blik klang dgn mata bengkak sebelah..=.='

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

eiD mubarak!

SeLamaT hari RaYa aiDiLFitrI
mAAf zaHir dan batiN

to all USIM mdcal students GEN05. tmhidi sctech 08/09. sepintarians 0307. maahadians 0307. smkpj. skpj. kpd sume kwn2, seniors, juniors or sesape yg prnh drop by at dis blog. sori 4 everything kalo ade trksr bhs,terumpat or what not. semoga berbahagia d pg raye brsama keluarga trcinta. brhati2 d jln raya :DD

kami akan sentiasa merinduimu,,ya Ramadhan.