Tuesday, October 27, 2009

last p0st~

tenang rasenye brjln sambil melihat langit..
menenangkn jiwa..hati yg gundah gulana...
bila di ingat kembali,lama benar mata ini tidak menatap bintang dilangit pada watktu malam..
melihat ciptaan Yang Maha Besar di waktu malam...
mungkinkah bintang yg ku tatap adalah bintang yg sama ditatap oleh DIA dsana..?

sejak akhir2 ini..
mudah benar air mata ini gugur kerana DIA...

tanpa mengenal masa dan tempat..
rasa sayang dan kasih tumpah..
menatap mata yg bundar..
mengenangkan nasib nya..
mengapa ada insan d dunia ini yg begitu kejam menyakitinya..
DIA yg begitu sabar dan tenang menghadapinya..
benar2 membuatkn diri ini kagum dgnnya..

tabahkanlah hati nya..
DIA masih begitu kerdil menerima dugaan sebesar itu drMu Y
tidak sanggup lg rasanya diri ini melihat keperitan dan kepedihan yg d tanggung nya..
aku memohon kpd Mu YA ALLAH...
dan hanya kpd Mu aku meminta..

back to da main mooD~

well,,its 28 oct 2009.
sweet 16~

again back to the main mood..
mood in the campus..hoh0<>

in da surau--->BOOK!
in da lecture hall--->BOOKSS!
in da risas--->BOOKSSS!!
in da library--->>> of course BOOKSSSSSS!!!!!!
back to the hostel---> BOOKS!

aiyah! cnt stand anymore with da pressure here n there...
ppl might think dat we are a very2 good 'office workers' if they know bout our packed timetable from 8 o'clock in da morning till 7 o'clock in the evening..(for those who used to stay at da library)..
even my beloved mom aka doc said dat mama dlu pon x cmtu..ptt iman blik umah cm mkn ubt tdo..hu3. dat is not a compliment laaa mama..~

then again n again da same thing happen and dis will continously happen for da next 3 weeks from now..not to forget AL-QURANUL KARIM. da 1st thing must be read to start a new day...
everybody was very very very busy finding their time to revise..so am I..
book+tension+reports+revisions+pressure+dis n dat=1st yr medical students of USIM ritenow.
but yet, blogging is important to0. n dis might be my last post before having da exam..mybe for about a month..quite a long period i think..but its for everybody sake..
before i forget, i'm wishing gudluck to my beloved brother n sister for their exams..to all my frens out there in NILAI,,overceas,,aspecially for boat..jauh dmata dkt d hati..^^
to all 1st yr mdical students..selamat berimtihan. as well as to all FPSK's and FPG's students..timah,ecah,awatif,marzura,ani,limah..ganbatte kudasai!! biTTaufiq wannaJah!

here is our timetable for da examfinal sem1:

9 nov 09 (monday) : arabic 1
10 nov 09 (tuesday) : anatomy 1 [gross+histology+embroyology]
11 nov 09 ( wednesday) : OSPE ( anatomy 1)
12 nov 09 (thursday) : biochemistry 1
13 nov 09 (friday) : TITAS
16 nov 09 (monday) : ICT
17 nov 09 (tuesday): physiology 1 (MCQ+MEQ+OSPE)
18 nov 09 (wednesday) : ^^

ps: happy for mama as she'll back for her work after bout 6 months rest..sayang mama sangat sangat!

Friday, October 16, 2009


em. studY.
dats da best word describing my p0st 4 dis tyme..
everybody kind of
"bz"ing to fulfill their tyme or da best way to say is spending their time wif booksS..
obviously i cn see dat at naneym's fon, there's a note of -studi2, exm da dkt-
even when im asking angaH,,

gu: ade studi grup?
anGah: yup! *wif her smile*

da same goes to didi,,

gu: ari nh ade studi grup?
didi: ade~

when there is ample time,sofwa will smS me,,

s0fwa: gu,ad ms free nh..xnk wt studi grup?
gu: nti kter tnyer diaorg..

*eyes r0lling* migrain2~haha.

and the library sometimes fully 'booked' wif all those yg rjin except 4 me..
hv to berebut to find place 4 studi grup..

but then when i realised i hvnt finished cover everything 4 da exam,,
YA ALLAH~ cn i manage to finish them be4 da final exm?
plss gve me more time oh God!

but then im happy hving frens dat usually encourage me to face da book..
always there 4 me when i hv problems..
will answer my questions even stupid questions..
kept reminding me bout ukhrawi during usrah time..
my ears will always full wif Quran's dat will go to my soul..i'allah.
thx again^^

then again..
book book book..
study study study
exam exam exam..

blaja2 juga, jgn lupakn Dia..
everything's going to be fine..

ps: JPA da msuk! yeay!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

siMple p0sT-grEat meaninG~


pning2. npe xde idea nh..serabut gila. emm,,

lately blogging is currently one of the big issue here in FPSK ( act ktaorg dk2 1st yr jer k0t..hu3.) and i can say that everytime one of us bkak jer blog any0ne, they would prefer open up *tett*'s blog. hu3. korang msti phm nyer kn, jgn wt2 xphm k..huuu~ and h** blog is like giving different type of reactions among us. haha.

gu@me : hoh?? sengal...
dila@ pingu : kter xknl pon sape dy nh larr...syes..
syerette : ksian nyer **,,xpsl2 gmbr dy msuk..
zT : weh, bkak blog dy weh...tgk post br dy..< lby krg r nh>
Zue : sape2??
paien : hahaha
s0fwa : dasat gler~~kah3....
did0t : g****!

syesly a big imapct n issue! haha.
and lately makin brtmbh ppls getting started with blog,,sume nk tunjukkn bakat masing2 laa katakn..he2..kind of promoting their blog,,AIMANG, ANI, DJAT,,bgus2. meramaikn ag 1st yr's bl0g in the netw0rk..

emm,,yesterday i had a sh0rt SMSing wif hanan, n she say dat she is missing me <> plus she's missing *** n i was kind HOHOHO...msj jer la dy nan, ntah2 dy p0n miss awk juga..hehe
n after short while, nama BOT pon trkeluar juga. kami rindu kamu BOT sgt2..bler nk update ur aktvt d sana??
rsnyer xpuas jumpe last time mlm 2..we will n alwess missing u BOT. surely waiting 4 DR NUR ADIBAH BT ABU BAKAR to c0me back. syesly..

thx ecah 4 da ride..i'm missing you bot dear~

akhir2 ni sume da stat studi grup blik,,ader yg smpy avery ptg kot. hoh0.
bak kate ishaQ,,give a good impressi0ns to the lecturers on our becoming final exam..huuu~
bgus2 semangat..the same goes to me.. *winking again* btol ke gu nih, keje studi jek.

nanotte : sore sape tuh? gu ke,,ingtkn makhluk asing mane..haha. br kol 8 nh, kls stat kol 12, wtpe kt cni??
gu : mgkok nyer nanotte..ader studi grup ler. hhuuu~

honestly laa, xde studi grup, xstudi ler gamaknyer diri ini. hu3.
thx 2 s0fwa, djat, ihsan, mus n chan < wlupon slalu d buli dlm studi grup nh..he3.>
ade skali tuh time studi grup, xingat lak bler, smlm kot..ihsan tga ckp psl pluera,,tp tbe2 pkiran ni menerawang ke tmpt laen,,huhu~s0ri r ihsan. pastu bler da kmbali ke dunia yg nyata,,cm blur giler dga ihsan ckp. i was kind like..ha????

dlm ati : vein what? brachio....what?? posterior n blablablabla??? pe tuh?? mknn ke??

act tga lpr senanyer..hahaha. sengal unta btol r gu.kih3.
pe daa~~
then br rs blr da dpt pe yg sdg d terangkn time tuh,,wahhh~ bahagie hidup nih^^
lately self-studi is not effective. i was like having a very 'bz' life wif dis n dat which are important, yet not really. kind of a really messy life here in the U, so as averyone to0 mybe . i cn say dat,,arrghhh!! pning2..
final exam is jus around da corner, report must send nxtweek, everyday got lectures, studi grup must hv or else buku xbkk lgsung laa..wif da titas presentation. plus JPA xmsuk2 ag..sengal btol. tdo pon xbtol,,siang mlm da xbtol, pkul brape pon bantai jer tdo..bgn2 2 o'clock,da nxt day 4 o'clock..till one day, solat isya' ke mana,,YA ALLAH,,then only you know the bzness hving a medicine as ur course.
the day SMSing wif leng who is hving da same course as me in UM, she's just like me..she said dat.

leng : pdn muke kter, dulu tgk org amek medic nk jugak gatal2 amek medic. know br tw.
gu : abeh tu??? trime jelaaa. huhu
leng : quit jom!
gu : gila??? melayang pinggan mgkuk kt umah tu. huu~
leng : btol gk. xpsl2 senget pale aku. haha.

its a life-time course. face it laa for da next 6 years. HE will alwes with u if u r alwes pray to HIM insya-Allah!
after all, life must go on,,not to mention hv a great life balanced both duniawi n ukhrawi.
ganbatte to everybody!