Thursday, October 9, 2008


its been quite a l0ng tyme not spending here wif my bl0g..
yah...wif all da hari raye..n be4 dat sh0pping...sh0pping...sh0pping...
cleaning da house [ act n0t really cz my maid d0ne it ]..
then of course blik kg..f0r 4 days..skejap senanyer..
urmmm, went t0 klang als0..visits relatives there...fiuuhhh~
n its jus about a week left..?
luckily dat usim gve us two weeks for h0liday..
if n0t, i cnt even touch da L0TSS of books dat ive bring h0me... it lucky or im damn dasyat????

to be honest..i luv watching tv vry2 much!! not to mention HIS name...
HE says dat...bukan tgk tb laaa...tgk rncngan d tb..
[hoh???perlu ke nk jd nerd sgt knn???]~oscillating bowl nye budak~
n i think dat i w0uld rather spend my time in fr0nt of da tv for 2-3 hours watching my feveret m0vies rather than sit in front of da pc n chat wif frensSS..
s0ri to all my frens...selamat hariraye maaf zahir batin...hek3.
its truE!
becoz watching tv is my h0bby~
and...because of dis begitu ssh membhagikn ms menonton tv dan mmbuat all da h0mew0rkss...revision part..n aiyah!!!
dis is da worst part!!!
n i wanna make confession here...every 7-10 questions dat ive d0ne including maths,physicss,chemistry..
i'll g0 n watch tv..
mmmm,bgus ke x???
[0o0ppsssS! xabes agy nih...]
n for watching tv,i'll spend about minimum 1 h0ur..
then only u can answer me....bgs ke x????
sy tahu jwpn anda semua....TIDAK knn????
but im used to it...dush3! [memukul diri sndri..]~sengal~

bout tw0 weeksS agy nk final exam n im juz tired to get takut....
untill 1 tyme dat dis thing came across ma mind.... ble nk exam nih????
da xsbr nk cuti.....arrrrghhhhhh!!!
insyaAllah if there is a will, there is alwess a way f0r me to further medic..

for dis week only..ramai kwn2 ku pgi brjuang d negara 0rg..

1. dr nurfarah ain nordin-medic mesir
2. dr syaimaa shayuthy-medic mesir
3. dr asyraf kosnan-medic mesir
4. dr aiman farhan kamarul zaman-medic mesir
5. dr abdullah azzam-medic mesir
6. dr abdullah fahmi- mdic mesir
7. dr nurhidayu bahar-medic
8. dr zulhusni- medic
9.nur fatin kamaludeen- arabic moroCco
10. dr nur haziwa harun- medic india [my cousin]

isyaAllah anda semua akan pulang dgn jayanye ke negara trcinta...
dan dpt trus brbakti utk negara sndiri....
T_T..sedih rasenyer bler dia0rg sume da xde...
what ive learnt is dat...we should..n0pe! we must appreciate th0se who still wif us n0w..
spend time wif them..make a phone call...send sms..hang out wif them..
practise to apologise for anything wrong dat u hv done..
not to forget alwess pray f0r them..wherever they are..
n jus wanna tell u guyss..
s0ri 4 everything dat ive done wr0ng...tersalah kate..trksr bhs..
ape2 menyinggung perasaan and semua..
halalkn mkn minum sy..
ilmu yg tlh d ajar especially to farah ain n syaimaa yg alwes help me time spm dlu..
thx dear!!!
ill alwes pray 4 u guys success..insyaAllah..

last but n0t least for dis p0st...
to my bel0ved adik..
muhammad aimi bin mohd noor..
wishing u all da best 4 da becoming pmr..
abah,mama,akak..kak pqah tau yg aimi b0leh wt yg trbaek...
s0, dun gve up till da last usaha yg aimi ley wt k...insyaAllah~