Thursday, August 25, 2011


salam Ramadhan.

at the first place,,it wasn't me myself that realised my lymph nodes can be big enough which can be seen by people around me. My cousin was the person who told me that there's something on my right neck.Then only I realised bout it, and I told my mom..knowing my mom,when she palpated my neck,I know that there's something going on her head which can be seen through her expression,but she'll hold it.

kene buat biopsy ni...the first thing came out from her mouth.

when you are a medical student,nothing else can help you but you'll be so curious and eager to know what is biopsy. so i google it out..this happens bout 3 months ago.cant really this is what I understand from the word 'biopsy'.

biopsy involved the removal of tissues or cell for examination to see any precense of can be GIT biopsy,lung,liver etc etc including lymph node. example of conditions that can be identified are cancer and any inflammatory conditions. I was like oh! cancer..

the next few mom said
ntah2 iman ade TB kot..

so I google it. slalu dengar but when somebody told u that u might have it,,i think everybody will automatically go around to find out bout it. the same goes to me..

I read on wiki and medscape bout TB. and if u guys google it too, its there bout mantoux test . so i read bout them in detail. but, i never told anybody everything that I hv read,how i feel bout it,what do I think bout it..including my mom till i told u guys yesterday on my previous post.

as time goes by..
Dr Lo' Lo' died because of lung and bone cancer (if I'm not mistaken), another fren of my mom died because of breast cancer and last two weeks another one died because of lung cancer..
my mom told me..iman jgn lupe anti-oxidant and supplement yg mama suruh mkn. skrg ni cancer xde ubat yang btul2 bole rawat dy unless u try to prevent it from now.

yesterday,when the nurse gave me the Mantoux test, she told me that bla bla bla blaaaa bla bla bout it. oh! the same as what I've read before..but I'm not satisfied. I want to hear anything or everything from my mom I kept asking her when we had a supper late at night after terawih yesterday.

Mantoux test yg iman kene cucuk td tu, nti dy akn react dgn ur body. so dkt tmpt kene cucuk tu, the palpable hardened area yg ade after 3 days will be measured. if it is +ve,,u might hv a tb,or any infections,or chronic internal inflammation or even cancer. phm? tp tuk lebih tw lg what are the disease,u have to do the biopsy. the tissue tu nanti kte tgk laa tb ke ape. so skarang ni..u have to take the antibiotic for a week,if ur lymph nodes tu mengecik,maybe its nothing really serious,if not ade something tak kene laaa kot. and it depends on your mantoux test tu jugak.

so dis is what I want to hear. I know that she really dont want to say anything related to cancer. and of course I didn't expect her to say something like..'iman nyer lymph node tu membesar ntah2 ade cancer...' knn?

so now, I 'm on an antibiotic to see if the lymph nodes can get smaller and disappear so iA its actually just a naughty big lymph nodes. hehe insyaAllah!

but I am confident that I am healthy and normal as I used to be and iA always pray for that. doa banyak2 utk dri sndri, everybody and million of thanks to all the readers and frens yg doakan saya. I'll pray for you too.

ps: maybe da ade yg stat blik kampung esok,slmt pulang ke kampung,hati2 di jln raya.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


salam ramadhan!

its been a while since I last membebel here(in english). Alhamdulillah we are now in the last phase of ramadhan. Happy to spend the whole ramadhan wif beloved family after 6years in hostel. huh

I went to selayang hospital juz now to meet Dr Rohna,a skin speacialist. I've known her ever since I was 9 years old when I was first told that I have eczema. (dh lebih 10thn!). As usual, she just checked my skin's condition at the neck,upper and lower limb after 2 years since the last time I met her. So she's advised this and that. nk rye ni pstikan bwk ur ubat ke hulu ke hilir.mana tw suddenly u developed allergic of something kn. bla bla bla n blaaaaaaa...n suddenly she discovered something on my right side of neck. she pressed on them and said "why..em your lymph node so big? and u have two!

so the investigation begin................

so since when your lymph nodes..that big? she seemed really suprised
since last 2-3 months
oh. so what did your mom said?
emm,,she said that maybe I have to do biopsy (btul ke eja ni?)
that...emmm,,maybe i had a TB.
so she did told u that?
so..u r a 2nd yr medical student right? I'm sure u didn't start ur clinical yr n not being exposed to any TB's patient. any of ur fren has TB? or maybe u ade buat community service kt mana2 kampung or pegi old folks home?
awak ade batuk2,or demam..sakit tekak or anything?
lost appetite?weight loss?
I have to told your mom and ENT speacialist.

so she called the ENT clinic..

hello,can I speak to any ENT speacialist on duty?
Dr Rohna here from skin clinic. i have a patient here. noor aiman,Dr Arbayah's daughter. she's a 20 years old,2nd yr medical student. still in her precilinical yr. she had two lymph nodes for 2 months already on her right neck. side by side one is 2cm and another one is 1cm,they are painless,mobile. not on any medication. so what should I do?

so aiman. u hv to do a blood test and Mantoux Tuberculin skin test. u might hv TB. we have to confirm it. no worries. doa byk2.
ok.thank you dr.

Mantoux Tuberculin Skin Test

the thing takut jarum!!!!! huuuuuuu~~ and yet I am a medic student. :(
till now, I still dont even now what is my blood's type.A?B?O?AB? why? becoz sy tak suke jarum! and the worst thing is my mom pon tak pasti sy ni jenis drh ape. haha

the blood test not that hurt. but the Mantoux! cket lagi nak nangis.sakit wo00000000~

+if anybody yg curious bout TB,just google it or medscape or anything.
+to everyone yg bc dis post, do pray for me..supaya takde TB. the result will be on monday,iA a day before raya. moga Allah permudahkan segalanya.
+lets do the best for these last daysss of ramadhan.mari!