Tuesday, December 29, 2009


SaLam. senanyer i hv nothing to tell u guys..tp rs cm nk menaip..lets begin with this,,td sy ade selection 4 da road relay 4 dis coming sufa on march..n its a disaster! sy vomit setelah brlari..bkn nyer jauh. hanye 800m..xsmpai p0n senanyer,,rs cm separuh mati..sgt truk! x brlatih lgsung,,dan yg plg pnting sy dh lme xbrlari,,xya brlari r,brjoging r even worse exercise!!.hoh0 after dat br ade kesedaran bhwsenye exercise sgt pnting

be4 dat,,2 hari brturut2 i hv a lcture with dis lcturer which i like him act,,but then i dunno why it was like a huh! rmi gler yg 'dry-drowning' kt blkg..kalo sy jd dy sy tegur,but then dy seolah2 xnmpk dan menyambung lecture sprt tiada apa2 brlaku..0.o
plik2..kami p0n pe ag..dkt peak hour 2,ujung2 lecture,everybody was like..ohh lo0k dat..look at dis,,haha. snap her pic..snap his pic.kih3..prut sume d
a bunyi2 gendang dan gitar mlagukn irama msia dan sebagainyer..huuu~ n sume cm alert gler dgn bpe slide ag yg tggal..hoh0..(jgn tru aksi ini d rumah..XD)..tp kalo concentrate btul2,byk gler inf0 dy bg senanyer..btul x kwn2??
setiap hari lcture pack..smlm nyer anat xsempat nk simpan dlm memory brain ni,,ari ni dpt ag yg br..bl0m msuk fsio yg xabes2 ag uh..bi0kem jgn ckp r...ble smpi rbu ptg jek,,sume menunjukkn gaye msing2..dan sume sprt btul2 menghilangkn tension yg trbuku d dada..haha
syesly rmi gler yg bole dpt award gaye trbaek..msuk longkang jgn cter r..2 blom ag yg jtuh terg0lek..he3. sori kengkwn..n da new thingy is, everybody seems very happy brNASYID time arab. haha. suke2....siap gaye ag tu..wo00..especially guys..haha

tmrr0w boling~...kames no halaqah jd kami nk kuar ptg 2! hu3..ahad plan g nilai jumpa mereka yg d sayangi..weee~ dan esok juga sy dpt "YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL" dr ecah! sy seronok!!! kpd sume happY new year! sy ade azam br new year ni...kamo0 bgaimana? he3..dan target sy, sy mesti realisasikn nya at least dis march..wish me luck!


Wednesday, December 23, 2009

diTag oleh did0t~

01. What is the relationship of u and him/her?
= die 'adik' sy..haha

02. Your 5 impressions towards him/her?
= urm,,dy agk *****,sengal cm sy,pandai,,suke dance..gle changmiN..

03. The most memorable things he/she had done for you???
= xpernah..impossible kut.kih3~

04. The most memorable thing he/shee have slaid to youb??
= memorable xde..dy slalu ckp mgkuk ade r..hoh0

05. If he/she become ur lover,you wil...
= sy x ingin p0n jd kekasih dy!!haha

06. If he/she become ur enemy,you will..
= kick her!syeslY~~

07. If he/she become ur lover,he has to improve on...on his or her
= sy da ckp xnk...

08. If he/she become ur enemy,the reason is..
= coz she's naughty..really.

09. The most desirable things to do on him/her is???
= tarik rmbut dy..huuu~

10. The overall impressions of him/her is???
= g****..XD

11. How do you think the people around you will feel about you..???

12. The character of u..for urself is..???
= S.E.N.G.A.L

13. On contrary,the character u hate of urself is...
= byklaa....xterkata..

14. The most ideal person that u wanna be is..
= nob0dy..

15. For the people who likes you,say something about them..
= huh..ade ke?

16. Seven people to TAG..

4.syahidatul hanan.
7. teemah.

17. Who is no.2 having a relationship with??
= nedd da lame xcter an..huhu

18. Is no.3 a male or a female ???
= female~

19. If no.6 and no.7 were together,would it be a good thing..??
= zaid n teemah???huhu..kwn2..cpt bg k0men!haha

20. How about no.5 and no.4??
=never! kwn jela..gurl2 kn..huhu

21. What is no 1 studying about??
= iA to be muslimah d0c..

22. Is no.3 single???

23. Say something about no.6 ??
= Z.A.I.D....kwn yg baik..unpredictable.huhu.sengal gk,,slalo0..XD
hope 2 see u dlm ms trdekat..b0le?? huuu~ :p

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

cerita kedai k0pi~

In The Name of Allah The Most Gracious and Most Merciful.

turning 19 last sundaY was actually not a big deal f0r me. not really,yet i was expecting more birthday's present as i grew up. ha-ha. thx 4 th0se yg wish f0r me..actually,dat day was a really s0-called-exhausting-day as my dad n i had to drive back early in the morning fr0m penang back to kL as da next day i'm hving new sem which we has waited f0r it and everybody seems s0 eager t0 start da new sem.huh.well nothing much to tell bout my birthday, juz dat i'm hoping 4 a better life,n of course brtmbh amalan dgn brtmbh nye umur ni.iA.n to be honest i hope dat i'll hv a better medical-student-life during dis 2nd sem of my 1st yr.iA.emm,,bout birhday's gift..well,da tue2 ni p0n dpt adiah lg pe.hoh0.wlup0n mama lupe,tp i'll take da 'plastic money' which is coming soon as my birthday present..n from abah,with all da shoes,bags,n even da baskin robin.i'll take them as my birthday present to0.he3.not to forget da VIVAelite.syesly,i'm very2 grateful having it..bole jln2 cari psl.XD. n td my sis called me t0 take 'sumthing' from her which is fr0m abah. kind of weird.why abah dont called me by himself?then only after dat i knew the 'sumthing' which was a cake n a brownies from secret recipe was actually from her and not from abah.haha-ha.senGal2~

. . . . .

n beginning of sem2 seems to start bz as da-packed-timetable which we had jus hv was being f0llowed exactly.huhu. i thot dat during da 1st day we gonna had daftar kursus only and we'll be able to went home,,but we had a full class 4 da day till da evening! 0.o huh!
n everybody seems to be very2 semangat 4 dis new sem including me iA.n honestly,i didnt really care bout da sem1 results which xkuar ag buat ms ni..n i do think dat i'm one of da failure 4 any 0f da subject or maybe for all da 3 subjectss.phiuhh~~bole x kal0 sy ckp sy xkesa?
maybe 4 da 1st sem i need tyme 2 c0pe 4 all da subjects, and try t0 manage my own sweet time da right way to study in medical schooL..maybe,,wh0 knows right?
i cn say dat i was quite ready and hving a very high spirit to face dis new sem.wish me luck!huhu.
new sem.new spirit.new thingy to be learn.iA 4 a better resulT!
ganbaTte kudasai 4 everyb0dY~

ps:tetbe teringat kt mama,br2 ni dpt JUSA B.h0pe cpt cket mama nek pgkt to get da K.M.N n all th0se thingss u hv dream bout.maY Allah alWAys bless u!saranghaey0~

Sunday, November 29, 2009

what hv u d0ne during dis h0liday?

its juz a simple question but its hard for me to answer.hehe. n0?
seriously,,what hv u d0ne during dis h0liday?>>asked mama.
i replied her wif my sweet smile>>XD

abah>>cube list kn..
gu>>baek! huhu

here is da result>>
1. tdo td0 dan td0.
2. mkn? n0pe, i eat once only per day. diet. yes! haha
3. on9 4 every nite. (ni mama plg xske)
4. ajar emi w0pet0 sbjek yg tlh menjadi sejarah kpd dri ini.huuu~
but then i miss all da numbersS n calcult0r! hoh0
5.being bullied by him who are missing 2 play rugby n then he made me as his victim.
mgkuks nye emi. huu~ (lebam2 tw)
6.abeskn minyak kete..hehe
7.bc lecture n0tes sem1, yet i'm feeling dat i hv alzheimer.haha. parah2~
8.tgk tb smpi skit pinggang.
9.watch taiwanese+korean+japanese moviesS smpi dh bole hfl jln cte. weee~
10.?? :p

s0 pe iman nk wt for da rest of ur ciput oliday ni?>>asked mama again...

1.nk g GV amek bku pe yg pt0t.(sempat ag ke niat murni ku ini. huhu)
2.i wanna go to KAMAL to buy s0me books.

dunn0 l0rh what exactly i hv done during my h0liday..cm sume buang masa.
no wonder laa exam asyik risau jek rslt..cuti buang ms..>>said abah.
sy rs sprt btul2 trkena d btg idung ini. T.T
t0l0ng sy sum1..

fail xbrmksud bodoh...
fail xbrmksud u shudnt be in da medical field...
fail doesnt mean u hv to be ashamed wif others..
fail doesnt mean u hv to quit.
fail does mean u hv to improve urself..
fail does mean u hv to gve more effort on ur studies...
fail does mean He will gve sumting better in da future iA.
juz believe in urself..
let them be,ckp la pe nk ckp...do i care?
kal0 hidup nk peduli pe org ckp jek,whats da purpose of living then...?for them?

-said dr.******n-

ps:ganbatte to everyb0dy!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

exam-finish! h0liday-yippiE! :D

home cweet h0me~:p
holiday bout m0re than 2 weekss after hving a saturated brain f0r 2weeks++. sigh.
lega p0n ye..pnt sgt during studi week+exam week. sgt.
time exm week rs cm nk quit jek. even nan0t p0n ckp "lets quit m0t". huhu. pning2. 4 another six years, f0r about another 11 times more we need to face the so-called-stdyweek n exmweek. sigh again n again.
em, kal0 nk cter psl exam an, sadis gk r...huh~ sdy laaa..rs cm xde 1 p0n yg yakin bole jwb,,sume nyer hancur gle..
arab. no comment. spm ag snang kut.huhu.
anat. ntahlaaa...yg pasti xsenang r..ospee hncur gler. 1st time wt ospee,,ak dh laa xle gelabah,dlm pale time 2 sume ilang, ntah pape jwb. rs cm nk kuar jek dr disection room tu. org len ckp muke cnfident jek jwb. tp senanyer Allah je tw. blik ospee tu pe ag,,meleleh air mata ni tep0n mama. emm,,bole kate mybe anat kali ni fail r..ya Allah~
biokem. hehe. ntah pape ak lukis tuk esei tuh. cm kls drawing jek..heee~
titas. alhamdulillah!
ict. anybody want 2 comment??:p
fsi0. mcq bole thn ag. ospee dy ak jwb mencecet.haha. esei dy xtwlaaa..ader yg ok. ade yg hncor..

during the study week,,bku+mkn jek keje.
bosan cket g mkn. smbil bc anat mkn. biokem p0n mkn gk. da whole studi week n during two weeks of exm lor. mkn mkn mkn n mkn. haha. dlm ati, abes r aku. ber 'tan2' naek nh. haha
but yet timbang smlm time blik umah,trun jek brat. haha. abah p0n ckp da krus cket. huuu~ epi2!

ms exm week tuh. time exm ntah pape jwb. padahal rs bc bnde2 tuh sume. kalo tgk sokln rs cm prnh trbc tp nape x ingt eh. hoh0. common laa tu. then, bak kate didi..brain leakage..rs cm bler bc tuh, dy replacing bnde2 be4 dat..sdy gler r yg ni...

papep0n tawakal je skg n bykkn d0a.

n now is oliday! rsnyer sume mmg tetunggu2 cuti ni cz sume da pnt otak. nway epi oliday to everybody. do njoy ur oliday~~

ps: sape nk bg idea nk wtper cti nh??:p


currently holiday fr0m
18 n0v 09-6 dis 09~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

last p0st~

tenang rasenye brjln sambil melihat langit..
menenangkn jiwa..hati yg gundah gulana...
bila di ingat kembali,lama benar mata ini tidak menatap bintang dilangit pada watktu malam..
melihat ciptaan Yang Maha Besar di waktu malam...
mungkinkah bintang yg ku tatap adalah bintang yg sama ditatap oleh DIA dsana..?

sejak akhir2 ini..
mudah benar air mata ini gugur kerana DIA...

tanpa mengenal masa dan tempat..
rasa sayang dan kasih tumpah..
menatap mata yg bundar..
mengenangkan nasib nya..
mengapa ada insan d dunia ini yg begitu kejam menyakitinya..
DIA yg begitu sabar dan tenang menghadapinya..
benar2 membuatkn diri ini kagum dgnnya..

tabahkanlah hati nya..
DIA masih begitu kerdil menerima dugaan sebesar itu drMu Y
tidak sanggup lg rasanya diri ini melihat keperitan dan kepedihan yg d tanggung nya..
aku memohon kpd Mu YA ALLAH...
dan hanya kpd Mu aku meminta..

back to da main mooD~

well,,its 28 oct 2009.
sweet 16~

again back to the main mood..
mood in the campus..hoh0<>

in da surau--->BOOK!
in da lecture hall--->BOOKSS!
in da risas--->BOOKSSS!!
in da library--->>> of course BOOKSSSSSS!!!!!!
back to the hostel---> BOOKS!

aiyah! cnt stand anymore with da pressure here n there...
ppl might think dat we are a very2 good 'office workers' if they know bout our packed timetable from 8 o'clock in da morning till 7 o'clock in the evening..(for those who used to stay at da library)..
even my beloved mom aka doc said dat mama dlu pon x cmtu..ptt iman blik umah cm mkn ubt tdo..hu3. dat is not a compliment laaa mama..~

then again n again da same thing happen and dis will continously happen for da next 3 weeks from now..not to forget AL-QURANUL KARIM. da 1st thing must be read to start a new day...
everybody was very very very busy finding their time to revise..so am I..
book+tension+reports+revisions+pressure+dis n dat=1st yr medical students of USIM ritenow.
but yet, blogging is important to0. n dis might be my last post before having da exam..mybe for about a month..quite a long period i think..but its for everybody sake..
before i forget, i'm wishing gudluck to my beloved brother n sister for their exams..to all my frens out there in NILAI,,overceas,,aspecially for boat..jauh dmata dkt d hati..^^
to all 1st yr mdical students..selamat berimtihan. as well as to all FPSK's and FPG's students..timah,ecah,awatif,marzura,ani,limah..ganbatte kudasai!! biTTaufiq wannaJah!

here is our timetable for da examfinal sem1:

9 nov 09 (monday) : arabic 1
10 nov 09 (tuesday) : anatomy 1 [gross+histology+embroyology]
11 nov 09 ( wednesday) : OSPE ( anatomy 1)
12 nov 09 (thursday) : biochemistry 1
13 nov 09 (friday) : TITAS
16 nov 09 (monday) : ICT
17 nov 09 (tuesday): physiology 1 (MCQ+MEQ+OSPE)
18 nov 09 (wednesday) : ^^

ps: happy for mama as she'll back for her work after bout 6 months rest..sayang mama sangat sangat!

Friday, October 16, 2009


em. studY.
dats da best word describing my p0st 4 dis tyme..
everybody kind of
"bz"ing to fulfill their tyme or da best way to say is spending their time wif booksS..
obviously i cn see dat at naneym's fon, there's a note of -studi2, exm da dkt-
even when im asking angaH,,

gu: ade studi grup?
anGah: yup! *wif her smile*

da same goes to didi,,

gu: ari nh ade studi grup?
didi: ade~

when there is ample time,sofwa will smS me,,

s0fwa: gu,ad ms free nh..xnk wt studi grup?
gu: nti kter tnyer diaorg..

*eyes r0lling* migrain2~haha.

and the library sometimes fully 'booked' wif all those yg rjin except 4 me..
hv to berebut to find place 4 studi grup..

but then when i realised i hvnt finished cover everything 4 da exam,,
YA ALLAH~ cn i manage to finish them be4 da final exm?
plss gve me more time oh God!

but then im happy hving frens dat usually encourage me to face da book..
always there 4 me when i hv problems..
will answer my questions even stupid questions..
kept reminding me bout ukhrawi during usrah time..
my ears will always full wif Quran's dat will go to my soul..i'allah.
thx again^^

then again..
book book book..
study study study
exam exam exam..

blaja2 juga, jgn lupakn Dia..
everything's going to be fine..

ps: JPA da msuk! yeay!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

siMple p0sT-grEat meaninG~


pning2. npe xde idea nh..serabut gila. emm,,

lately blogging is currently one of the big issue here in FPSK ( act ktaorg dk2 1st yr jer k0t..hu3.) and i can say that everytime one of us bkak jer blog any0ne, they would prefer open up *tett*'s blog. hu3. korang msti phm nyer kn, jgn wt2 xphm k..huuu~ and h** blog is like giving different type of reactions among us. haha.

gu@me : hoh?? sengal...
dila@ pingu : kter xknl pon sape dy nh larr...syes..
syerette : ksian nyer **,,xpsl2 gmbr dy msuk..
zT : weh, bkak blog dy weh...tgk post br dy..< lby krg r nh>
Zue : sape2??
paien : hahaha
s0fwa : dasat gler~~kah3....
did0t : g****!

syesly a big imapct n issue! haha.
and lately makin brtmbh ppls getting started with blog,,sume nk tunjukkn bakat masing2 laa katakn..he2..kind of promoting their blog,,AIMANG, ANI, DJAT,,bgus2. meramaikn ag 1st yr's bl0g in the netw0rk..

emm,,yesterday i had a sh0rt SMSing wif hanan, n she say dat she is missing me <> plus she's missing *** n i was kind HOHOHO...msj jer la dy nan, ntah2 dy p0n miss awk juga..hehe
n after short while, nama BOT pon trkeluar juga. kami rindu kamu BOT sgt2..bler nk update ur aktvt d sana??
rsnyer xpuas jumpe last time mlm 2..we will n alwess missing u BOT. surely waiting 4 DR NUR ADIBAH BT ABU BAKAR to c0me back. syesly..

thx ecah 4 da ride..i'm missing you bot dear~

akhir2 ni sume da stat studi grup blik,,ader yg smpy avery ptg kot. hoh0.
bak kate ishaQ,,give a good impressi0ns to the lecturers on our becoming final exam..huuu~
bgus2 semangat..the same goes to me.. *winking again* btol ke gu nih, keje studi jek.

nanotte : sore sape tuh? gu ke,,ingtkn makhluk asing mane..haha. br kol 8 nh, kls stat kol 12, wtpe kt cni??
gu : mgkok nyer nanotte..ader studi grup ler. hhuuu~

honestly laa, xde studi grup, xstudi ler gamaknyer diri ini. hu3.
thx 2 s0fwa, djat, ihsan, mus n chan < wlupon slalu d buli dlm studi grup nh..he3.>
ade skali tuh time studi grup, xingat lak bler, smlm kot..ihsan tga ckp psl pluera,,tp tbe2 pkiran ni menerawang ke tmpt laen,,huhu~s0ri r ihsan. pastu bler da kmbali ke dunia yg nyata,,cm blur giler dga ihsan ckp. i was kind like..ha????

dlm ati : vein what? brachio....what?? posterior n blablablabla??? pe tuh?? mknn ke??

act tga lpr senanyer..hahaha. sengal unta btol r gu.kih3.
pe daa~~
then br rs blr da dpt pe yg sdg d terangkn time tuh,,wahhh~ bahagie hidup nih^^
lately self-studi is not effective. i was like having a very 'bz' life wif dis n dat which are important, yet not really. kind of a really messy life here in the U, so as averyone to0 mybe . i cn say dat,,arrghhh!! pning2..
final exam is jus around da corner, report must send nxtweek, everyday got lectures, studi grup must hv or else buku xbkk lgsung laa..wif da titas presentation. plus JPA xmsuk2 ag..sengal btol. tdo pon xbtol,,siang mlm da xbtol, pkul brape pon bantai jer tdo..bgn2 2 o'clock,da nxt day 4 o'clock..till one day, solat isya' ke mana,,YA ALLAH,,then only you know the bzness hving a medicine as ur course.
the day SMSing wif leng who is hving da same course as me in UM, she's just like me..she said dat.

leng : pdn muke kter, dulu tgk org amek medic nk jugak gatal2 amek medic. know br tw.
gu : abeh tu??? trime jelaaa. huhu
leng : quit jom!
gu : gila??? melayang pinggan mgkuk kt umah tu. huu~
leng : btol gk. xpsl2 senget pale aku. haha.

its a life-time course. face it laa for da next 6 years. HE will alwes with u if u r alwes pray to HIM insya-Allah!
after all, life must go on,,not to mention hv a great life balanced both duniawi n ukhrawi.
ganbatte to everybody!


Thursday, September 17, 2009

blog yg dh brhabuk~


urmm,,as i've said,,blog nh da brhbuk sgt..cough2x plus senanyer busan gler blog ini..haish,sape nyer blog laa nh..sumtimes rs cm nk ilangkn jek blog nh dr alam maya ni..oh g0D~
tringt lak lcturer ict ckp org yg ader blog nh kretif, pe dy tulis sume simple but da contents is there..sbb tu la sy xde blog cz im not a kretif person plus i love 2 read ppl's blog but not for me..aiyah~sy pon xkretif,sy juga suka bc blog org len,,g mana ini??
n dat day ms kls ict bkak blog2 senpai kt fpsk 2, then i've a chat wif rette n dotte,,one of us said dat diaorgnyer blog (seniors) sume hebat2+dasat2..matured gler r senang cter, xcm blog kter, cm knk2..hu3.
tgk 2, there's anoth
er point yg blog ak nh sengal. haha. but mmg ak ske bc blog org,,kind of sonok cmtu..hu3.but ur blog ok what rette, dotte p0n..mine is not. adik lel nyer pon best even she is younger than us. hu3. cne yek. mgkok tol bler pkr blik. ha3. here ak msukkn gmbr kami rotte said in her blog dat dotte n i cz her 2 exposed her naughty side. 2 br cket rotte, abes r k0 6 tauh nh ktaorg kerjakn. hahaha<>

act, i've lotss 2 tell u guys, in fact all da stories are all basi..hu3. n sume nyer pnjg2 nyer stories wif all da pics, but then i'll try 2 make them shorts as possible. 1st thing 1st, bout i went out wif nanotte to mid to hv iftar wif all my skulmates.dgn fara@ fatty oil, deyla, izah, madeh, lyana zul, lyana razali, tiah, miza, nadya@datin,tahem..mmg rndu sume org, n we kind of crazy meeting each other. org kt piza 2 pndg ktaorg cm laa ktaorg nh org br kuar tg rmbutan haha. sumenyer nadya nyer psl. dy wt piza 2 cm she's da owner. haha. but really greatful dpt jumpe korang sume, even skejap jer, n i've lots of fun, wif all da stories n gossiping. haha. pompuan pon. juz 2 say dat SALAM AIDIFITRI, MAAF ZAHIR BATIN 2 u guys. n 2 nanotte, thx sbb tman gugu nh even trsengguk dlm bs rapid n trlps tren sbb slh stesen. haha. hepy eid mubarak 2 you to0 nanotte. he3.

n ari 2 buke p0se kt umah bot at bangi, act ade tahlil cz uncle dy br meninggal,so skali jumpe bot sbb da lame sgt xjumpe..rndu sgt2..so,plan kuar nyer rmi,,cepah, ecah, nan, tim2,,but then ak, ecah n nan je r ader..plus zahaby, zaid, aunu n daus lak join. hu3. sumer kbetulan jer. ptg 2 singgah nilam dlu jumpe izah, syemi,pkah n cepah. even sekejap p0n rndu sgt2 dgn korang tyme tmhdi dlu. syes r rndu nek bs sesame, lepak kt tasek tu, turun tgahari bli mknn. haha. even simple2 thing pon, bnde2 cmtu la wt ak slalu tringt kt k0rang. then ktaorg gerak g alamanda, senanyer sj nk shoping dgn hanan, rndu gler lepak dgn dy...but sdy jer cz dy xjumpe sandal yg dy nk.. okla, jenjln sesame. hu2. da ptg cket, amek ecah trcenta lak kt nilam..then jumpe meena,pypp n cepah. meena cm bese laaa, bz memanjang. haha. silap2 MPP la k0. huu~then otw nk buke p0se call bsdayboy, ingt nk jumpe, konon nk bg adiah laa...haha. tup2, buke same2 ptg tuh. haha. dasat jer zhby bwk kete. n dat was also a great tyem 4 me. best la jumpe korang sume before rye. at last, buke p0se gk kter same2 even xrmi p0n..n i met burn. dis tyme 4 real. haha. excited je aku dgn hanan. burn pon cm bot, sengal. haha.

n not 2 forget, tyme jumpe nedd ari tu,, xplan p0n time tuh, juz kbetulan jek nedd kt ts n i was damn bored kt umah. juz one phone call from ndd, i went 2 ts wif her. he3. best jumpe nedd. n timah jeles gler. sorilaa timun. hu3. len kali ea. even sekejap pon, i managed to teman nedd shoping, bli jeans kn nedd kn, huu~~ n dis are the photos. miss u alwes neDD!

urmm, pnjg gk entry kali ini. pnt. he3. len kali xle tngguh2 post entry. cmni la jd nyer. huu~
dats all kot 4 dis tyme nyer post. i'allah we'll meet again 4 da nxt p0st. hu3.


Friday, August 28, 2009


Alhamdulillah hari ni merupakan hari ke-8 kte brpuasa..rsnyer cm bgitu cpt ms brlalu..pejam celik pejam celik...YA ALLAH~~bgaimana ibadah puasa kte??insyaAllah sempurna dan d terime Yang Maha Esa..life in medical skul during ramadhan seems no difference for me as its just the same during my skul days l0ng l0ng tyme ag0<>..n juz like during in tamhidi.. <> things that the same for me is that why only during ramadhan, we( including myself) will bring our AL-QURAN along wif us all day l0ng, to the campus, m0sque, lecture hall, tutorial r00m,,,,but not in other months..n why we'll read the QURAN during ramadhan when we are free, bef0re the class start, when waiting for the azan solah..in the bus, even in library...? but n0t in other months? why we can bring the anatomy book<> but not AL-QURAN????why? tepuk dada tanye iman saya,,knepe ye..?
why dont we read AL-QURAN when ever we are free,not only in ramadhan.we'll alwes bring it together averyday n not during ramadhan only? lets us together2 change this, n set in our mind that we hv to increase our iman not only during ramadhan, but alwes, in our life, every day..every single moment in our life for ourselves..n hope dat dis ramadhan is much better than last year for everybody insyaAllah~
but yet, during dis year ramdhan we'll celebrating our national day which kind of weird for me..huhu. to0 tired for all those activity...o0o lalalala...plus midsem exam which not done yet for lovable physiology paper..huuu~n lately i became a nocturnal..wake up after hv a sleep for several hours after having my terawih to have revision n does all the assignments early in da morning..till i sleep again after terawih on da nxt day, n i feel its suits me..do wish me luck for da exam nxt week. ahhh..hoping~~

ps: really sorry for not updating my blog lately, currentlly really busy for da whole week n da becoming weeks. ill find da tyme in syaAllah~~


Friday, August 14, 2009

dat day ms ader kls behavioural sc (btoi ke x ak eja nh..huhu..),,n tjuk dscussion is perception,,byk bnde senanyer ak blja+tahu..sume2,psl dri aku,how i make a perception to others..bgos ke x perception 2..after sometimes i do realise dat im not a good perception maker..or lby snang ske je wt andaian psl org len..judging da books by its cover..i do noticed dis in myself..dush3. its not good lorhh~

td i hv a long chat wif 0ne of my bf,,he told me lotss,,itu ini..itu ini..lame xborak dgn dy,,then i know dat dlu pon aku ader wt perception xbaek psl dy..da 1st day we met..syesly..padahal xknl p0n,,ngumpat dy..ckp bnde 2,bnde nh..n xbtol p0n sume 2 senanyer..knape yer ak wt cm tu?? n when he told me a story bout dis guy,,he is my bf 2.. im really2 shocked bout da story dat i just being told,,npe ak xtw?? ak lame knl dy,,blaja same2,cte2 dan hrapan sama..tp xtw p0n psl bnde 2..YA ALLAH!! bler ingt2 blik...he's a good guy,,tp xsgke dy melalui khidupn mcm 2 for more than 10 years already...pe yg ak rs lby ksal,,dlu pon ak wt perception xbek psl dy..eeeiii, tr0k lah aku nh senanyer..another dush333 4 me~

ak rupe2nyer org yg ske wt a simple,sengal n bad perception bout others even when i met he/she 4 da 1st tyme..dan persepsi 2 sgt2 tr0k..then bler ak da btol2 knl dy,im totally wr0ng!!! then only i realised how important is behavioural sc class every friday evening..kalo x,parah laa ak nh..

pastu bler ak sdar bnde ni,ak rs sgt2 brslh pd sume org yg ak prnh wt a bad n wrong perception dlu2..nyesal nyer..ak pkr bnde nh dr lunch hour till now,,rs bad sgt..sdy pon ye bler trknangkn blik all my frens yg trpksa melalui bnde2 yg ak xtw cne nk lalui kalo it happen to me..tbh nyer hati mereka..bler tgk dia0rg,,luaran i mean,,xsgke pon thay hv dat kind of life..mmg la ktntuan ALLAH,tp ini menyebbkn ak brsyukur with what i hv now..n i do believe sume yg ALLAH tntukn tu ader hkmahnye..

another thing is kal0 kter org tu, ceria sntiase,,senyuman xprnh lekang kt bibir tu..slalo0 menyebbkb life org hepi..xsemestinyer dy hepi kn..mgkn dlm ati dy sdy,kter xtw..but then,,xsmestinyer org yg nmpk syes, tgas semcm jer xbole nk get along wif us kn..len org len gaye dy..

byk bnde ak blaja ari nh,,act dr borak2 dgn kwn je td..bole smpi ak sdar kesilapan n kelemahan dri sndri nh..n i really need to improve myself 4 my own seek n 4 others..prlu lby bykkn muhasabah dri sndri,,jgn pntingkn dri sndri..think bout others to0..n d kesempatan ini,ak nk mntk maaf byk2 to all my frens, yg knl dgn sy..MAAF jika adr sbrg kesalahan selama ini..
salam alayk^^

bler laaa ak nk ubah layout blog nh, ak sndri tgk p0n jemu gila~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a l0ng p0st~

lame rsnyer xupdate bl0g nh...kal0 blog ni brnyawa,msti dy mintk d deletekn..msti dy mintk diri ini utk sapu habuk2 pd drinyer...msti dy xnk ada tuan cm aku...msti dy ckp ak pmalas..hahaha
ader jer halangan ble nk on9 n update dis blog,nk tkr layout n everything,,nk bg dy comel cket..org ckp nk upgrade cket r..ltak lipstik,eyeshadow..pemerah pipi..huUU~sengal2~~bkak blog nh p0n bler didot ckp ak xupdate blog aku,,busan jer averytyme dy bkak blog nh xde cter br..he3..
bz ker ak ni senanyer? ak pon xpasti..ape yg ak pasti,sjk akhir2 n
h wktu tdo xbtol..tdo pkul 8 smpi 12 then br stadi..tdo pkul 10 smpy 12 then smbg stdi..ble atom2 h1n1 merebak kt seluruh dunia nh..lg r trok..dgn facial mask nyer,tisu berpaket2,sweater lg..buku?? xsntuh lgsg r..blik mkn pnadol tdo..bole kate ader skali tu 4 hari turut2 amek pnadol sblm tdo..pning kot kidney aku nh..mkn pndol byk2 pon xelok senanyer an..?
skg nh ak tga cti mdsem1 about a week...n da lby krg sebuln lb
y k0t ak kt FPSK uh..kdg2 xcyer,tp da nk exm mdsem pon nxtweek..ag r parah..dgn anat+fsi0+biochem..ak rs da jd rojak k0t dlm otak nh..pastu skg nh dk2 rusia n jodan+msir tga cuti,,tp xbrkesempatan ag nk jumpe diaorg,,asma',farah,deyla,syaimaa,teyn2..fisha..farha..bler agknyer kter nk jumpe ye..
em cter sket r psl kunjungan ke kmpus nilai..lps pndh k
mpus pndn, da 3x ak g kmpus nilai..1st tyme g tyme tulis esei arab,then tyme larian lgkh gmilang..n da latest one last sundy tyme sp0rts day of fpsk n fpg..best g sane jumpe dk2 uh..ilang rndu same1 gelak,,borak2..mkn same2..syesly kekurangan 2 amat2 terasa kt kmpus pndn wlupon da dkt sebln lby pisah dgn k0rang sume..especially tyme tuto sbb dlu kter sume sgt2 rpt dgn dk2 tuto an..em,dlu bole kate tiap2 ari ader tuto,pastu ble tyme tuto jer kter msti dok blkg skali..hoh0..berebut2,,[tp xsmestinyer dok blkg xstdi bgs an..huuuu~c0ver2~~]
skg nh,bler msk kls tuto jer,org dh reserve kn tmpt dpn skali tu
k aku..haha. pastu ktaorg jumpe tyme tuto bole kate skali semggu je k0t..s0,xrpt dgn dk tuto..n ktaorg sgt byk grup,,dsection ro0m,behavioural sc,lab grup,,grup tuto..huhu. n grup nh akn berubh every year...cne laa nk rpt tu ea...but ak akn try my best tuk create a beautiful memories dgn k0rang sume since we'll be together for 6 years~~
em, nh ader cket pics dgn dk
2 kt nilai n pndn (^^)v

mereka mmg sengal~ rndu mereka..

tgk meena uh..huuuu~

tyme nh smbut bsday tim0n dgn ecah,did0t n nan0t..hoh0~

i'allah jumpe in da nxt p0st~~luv from gugu~~

Saturday, July 11, 2009




behavioural science


uran &verses

dis is my life rite n0w.here.in faculty of medicine n health sciences.kind of shocked dat im having 9 subjects 4 dis year.hoho.n now we are seems very relaxed with the lectures dat are not really packed YET.huu~. n actually im still trying 2 adapt with the environment here with all the medical students, n seriously speaking they are totally different from all my beloved in nilai. im jealous towards mus,kimi,chan,jdo,ayat,ehsan as they are very closed n during the lectures they sit in one row,this makes me totally miss my frens in nilai.the environment there i used to have with them. n the thing is rite now i d0nt hv m0ney!!haha.when will da JPA c0me n gve us the agreement??at least it takes 2 m0nths after we hv the agreement with them,n they say that mybe we'll get the scholarship after the mdsem.hoh?what?i hv no money in my account!! i cnt shop,watch movies.haha.tension2. em,rite now,i cn say that ill be home evry weekend as i do hv nothing to be done at the hostel, n i jus dont kn0w with wh0m i should spend my weekend there..hoho.kind of sad.bored.weird.everything.then only i decide that i should hv spend more times with my family. till then,i'allh well meet again in the nxt p0st.biiznillah.jane~

Saturday, July 4, 2009


orientasi kt nilai dgn kwn2 trcinta~

tim2 n ecah

hanan n meena

mereka mmg sengal~haha.

pypp,wani n ainul.

cip0t n azie.

pika,syemi n izah.

sy merindui saat2 ini.

hari terakhir d nilai~

orientasi d kampus pandan~

PS: i hope dat u guys njoy ur life in nilai,,ill alwess pray 4 da best 2 all of u there..miss u guys n not to forget b0t n neddy..n insyaALLAH ill be happy rite here wif all my new frenss n pls do pray 4 da best luck 4 me to get through all da challenges to be DR GUGU. I'allah~

b0at tag ag..huuuu~

1. apa perasaan anda sekarang?
emm,,besh sbb bole slalo0 blk umah..sdy sbb kene tnggalkn all my best frenss at nilai..n dlm ms yg sama tk0t+smangat nk stat lecture nxtweek.huhu

2. saya nak makan..
ABC k0t.huhu.secret recipe dgn b0t,tim2,mina,hanan n ecah sprt suatu ketika dahulu..precious memories~

3. saya x suka...
brsndirian,,d ganggu ketika menonton m0vie or drama k0rea n japan,,d k0ngk0ng,,trpksa pisah dgn all ma frenss,,n ada org len nama PINGU.haha.sengal~

4. impian saya...
da alang2 amek medic,brjaye jd d0c yg da best,,jd speacilist,,then nk further ag kt luar negara,,jd prof ke..bt0l serve da nation for our ppl,,,,then,tgk kwn2 yg len brjye..fmily sy bhgia n hepy slalo0..byk ag r senanyer..

5. haiwan yang saya x suka..
sy hanye suke n cintakn penguin shj.haha.

6. saya harapkan..
ill be a better person in da future..insyaAllah~

7. jika boleh putarkan masa..
ntah laaaa...bak kate bot,kenangan itu indah..tp kalo bole sy nk putar ms supaya sy bole buat bnde2 yg sy xsempat buat wktu dolu2.byk 2 k0t.

8. saya pada 10 tahun akan datang..
DR GUGU insyaAllah..

9. handphone saya adalah sebuah?
mesin utk brhubung dgn fmily,kwn2..org2 trcinta.haha.merangkam memori2 indah brsama mereka sume..kalo bole sy nk bli a new one as da one dat i hv rite now da bengong.

10. saya pernah bercinta sebanyak..
sepanjang ms,,dr mula sy brnfs,sehingga kini n insyaAllah sehingga sy hembuskn nfs 1 ari nnti.

11. saya suka pada..
bnde2 yg cntek,indah..sedap mata memandang..xmenyakitkn ati..n of course fmily n kwn2 which are my precious things.

12. kawan-kawan saya..
mcm mane anda tgk sy,mcm 2 jugak laa kwn2 sy.

13. pernah dikhianati?
sape yg xprnh knnn??

14. apakah yang hendak anda lakukan terhadap orang yang mengkhianati anda?
ntah..mls pkr.

15. senaraikan 8 orang untuk d tagged.
~shahir ghazali
~zaida farhana
~liyana razali
~farah nordin

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

im speechlesS~

t0 all my frens of tamhidi of science n Tehcn0l0gy; afif,zaHaby,ayat,zaiD,chan,mus,haziq,kimY,raheimY,at0k,ibrahim,mahzuz,capiQ,azri,jdo,ihsan,zaim,
umair,p0k ya,daus,ahmaD,zul,fakh,afdhal,irHam,hanaN,b0at,nedD,teemaH,meena,ecah,cepah,azi,sheleq,limah,ir,ayuni,wani,ainul,
syira,sYud,awatif,azreena,izyan,diba,zura,izah,piqa,syemi,hanis syamila,dila,pyPp,ain,ani,saadah,haziyah.

thx 4 giving me one of da sweetest mem0ries in my life. luv u aLL very much. gudluck in ur life. bittaufiQ wannajah~

NEDD!!! we'll miss u alwess. h0pe u'll achieve ur ambiti0n successfullY. jd cgu jgn garang2 ok! nnti dak2 sume lari..huhu mmuahxx!

B0AT~~ npe ja0h sgt k0 g b0at?? xsdey tngglkn aku? huhu. sdy nyer k0 nk g b0t..ak ilang s0rang kwn nk wt jaat ke,,nk ketawa n nanges sesame ag b0t. blaja rjin2 tw b0t.. h0pe 2 see DR. NUR ADIBAH ABU BAKAR in da future insyaAllah~~

n lastly,,pls pray 4 me t0 achieve mt g0al to be a 'd0ctor' in da future.
doakn ak tabah mengharungi segala ujian dan dugaan yg bkl tiba...doakn aku xpngsan tgk mayat.huhu.

tuk sume kwn2 yg bkl berada d faculty science,ill miss u all vry2 much!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

d taGGed oleh b0at trchenta~

all 21 ppl must do unless you dont hv a blog. write the name of 21 friends u cn think of in ur head. n then answer da questions,,say u r guessing if u d0nt knw, but at least guess on all of them. after doing this, tag ur unlucky frens to do the same~

1. b0at
2. hanAn
3. neDD
4. teEmah
5. zahaBy
6. zaida Farhana
7. jd0e
8. pecaL
9. tahem
10. madeH
11. s0fwA senGal
12. ecah
13. irham. haha
14. chaNn
15. nadYA hameezaH
16. lyana razali
17. ayat~b0san
18. fatin adilaH
19. kimi~ngeh3
20. zaiD
21. naZmi..maybe^^

1. h0w d0 y0u meet 1?
kt tut0..time kls arB..tyme 2 dy sgt2 pndiam n im w0ndering cne nk wt dy jd gle cm aku gk.haha~

2. what w0uld you do if you and 15 have never met?
em,,id0p ni xsmpurna cz ive learn l0tss fr0m her..ske dga dy ckp jp0n..best gler cm 0rg jp0n ckp,s0ft jer..ske tgk muke dy..b0rak2 dgn dy..miss u l0tss nadya!~

3. what would you do if 20 and 1 dated?
b0at dgn zaiD????? haha..aku lah owg plg gumbira..i alwess pray 4 b0th 0f u..

4. have you seen 17 cried?
hoh?sumpah xprnh..

5. would 4 and 16 make a good c0uple?
huhu..they are gurlss..n0 laa..if frens insyaAllah~

6. do you think 11 is attractive?
s0fwa yg sengal 2???? lupakan jelaaa...kah3

7. what's 2 favourite colour?
blue same like me~

8. when was the last time you talked to 9?
yesterday,,nk ajak dy kuar,tp dy ade hal..bogoshipp0s0 tahem!

9. what language does 8 speak?
pecal????dy tw bhs pnguin..ngeh3. syesly speaking,dy pndi ckp english n arabic smoothly..BM of course laa kn..

10. who is 13 going out with?
em,,,sape tw jwpn tuk ni,jgn luper inf0m yek! brite trhangat 2.haha

11. would you ever date 17?

12. where does 18 live?
dengkil,,tp skg dy kt j0rdan amek mdic.

13. what is the best thing about 4?
dy sgt2 kiut..caring,,best kwn dgn dy..manje~

14. what would you like to tell 10 right now?
h0pe k0 dpt uitm fisio uh,,snang kter nk jumpe. hehe

15. what is the best thing about 20?
dy brlak0n besh gilak! tiada tandingan!

16. have you ever kiss 2?
yup!! kt pipi..rndu nk kiss pipi dy ag. haha

17. what is the best memory you have of 5?
em..dy blnje aiskrim.hehe. dy blnje tgk wyng..dy anta blk umah nek kete dy. dy sgt baek. thx zahaby~

18. when's the next time you are going to see 4?
insayAllah 26 jun nh.

19. how is 7 different from 6?
gender..huhu tp b0th are my good frens.

20. is 2 pretty?
yup! but im prettier~haha. *sape2 nk muntah silakan.^^

21. what was you 1st impression of 15?
dy nh msti sgt2 feminin n gurlish~ hehe

22. how did you meet 3?
kt usim..kt ostel rsnyer cz she's my neighbour.

23. is 2 untill 21 is your best friend?
of course! boat p0n ye gk..pe laaa s0klan nh.

24. do you love 1?
i d0! like what she does to me.

25. have you seen 18 in the last month?
nope! dh lame xjumpe dy..dkt setaun. tp bln 7 nh jumpe k0t. h0pe s0...

26. when was the last time you saw 16?
em,,ntah xingt..ble ek yana?

27. have you been to 5's house?
blom,,tp senanyer dkt sgt2..

28. when's the next time you'll see 10?
insyaAllah dlm ms trdkt nh.

29. are you close to 11?
haha. sgt2..housemate time tamhidi for a year.

30. have you been to the movies with 4?
hampir2 ari 2..tp sdy xjd cz trlalu ramai.

31. have you gotten in trouble with 8?
mule2 knl ye r,,gado2 cmtu jer.psl stadi..but then,we are good frens.

32. would you give 19 a hug?

33. when have you lied to 3?
em,,prnh ke?

34. is 11 good at socializing?
huhu. ok k0t.

35. what's the best thing about your friendship with 9?
em,,dy sgt baek,,co0l,ssh tgk dy marah..kal0 borak dgn dy ade jer bnde nk ckp kdg2 smpi xnk ltk f0n..kal0 rs nk mrh,b0rak dgn dy,then u'll be fine.,kdg2 ustzh.haha dy sgt jg ati kwn. understand diri ini yg sgt byk kekurangan..tme kaseh tahem~

36. has 1 met your parents?
bl0m ag,,1 hari nti mgkn.

37. how did you meet 1?
kn da jwb,,hoh0..da mmg j0d0h kta0rg..kn bot kn?

38. did you ever accidentally physically hurt 3?
xprnh..ak sgt baek.

39. do you live close to 14?
chann dok klate,,aku d key ell. skrg dy d sweden,,ak d msia. hahaha sgt2 ja0h.

40. what is 16 favourite food?
em,,ape yek. ape2 k0t.

41. what kind of car does 1 have?
aku xtw laa bot ko ader kete pe...tp kete yg k0 teke 2 sume bt0l..huhu. s0wi.

42. have you travelled anywhere with 12?
em,camping sctech..n da kuar dgn dy 2 kali stkt nh. insyaAllah lps ni lby kerap sbb kami d0k sgt2 dkt.

43. if you give 1 a RM 100, what would she spend it on?
bot p0n cm guU,,shopping!!!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

ari ni cm trlalu awl aku nk wt p0st cz its still 8 am,,huh! awlnye pingu bgn.. n act l0m brkfst dan yg plg pnting l0m mandi.hehe jimat air after all,tr0s bkak tenet,,n da 1st thing aku wt is try to sign up in da fb setelah d suruh 0leh zhby,hanan,b0at dll..huhu sj nekkan nama k0rang~ but da truth is,ak da try byk2 kali since last week ag,mmg xle nk sign up fb uh..SUMPAH! benci aku lame2 tw,nk kate pc nh sengal,aku search mende len leh lak..knape ye????? tolong sy!!

ari nh turn my sis tman mama g h0sp wt fisi0trapi,,since mama sakit a m0nth ag0,kta0rg gilir2 tman mama g h0sp, but dis week dy kene tman da wh0le week cz nxt week dy nk blk u dh smbg thn 3..hoh0 n senanyer nk cter cket things yg ak perhatikn every single day kt rehab centre,hkl uh..

1st thing 1st is aku brsyukur sgt2 cz mama sakit xtr0k cm owg len sakit..ade 2 yg trbaring jer,but family dioa0rg nk jugk tgk dy sembuh n bgn blk..n there is 0ne gurl sebaya aku,n cnfrm dy lg kawaii dr aku,tp dy str0k smpi xle nk jln dgn el0k,even brckp p0n xle..aiiy0,ksiannyer dy..thank g0d mama lg better..

2nd thing is,str0k nh mmg xknl org dy kene..ade 2 dk um0r 3thn p0n str0k..aku cm trpkr,ksian fmily dia0rg an,hadapi bnde2 cmni tyme ank2 di0rg kcik ag..n theres 0ne fmily 2,em hidup ssh..mk xkeje,adek bradek rmi,then ayh kene str0k,mc tuk 6 m0nth cz mmg tr0k aa dy kene..then evryday ank dy p0nteng sek tman ayh dy g fisi0,,ak cm YA ALLAH,,BANTULAH MEREKA..

lg 1 bnde yg aku tgk ialah,xsume org b0leh trima kal0 one of da fmily member yg kene str0k..ade tu aku tgk xd sape tman dy g fisi0 evryday sbb suami dy tggalkn dy ble dpt tw yg dy kene str0k,n ank2 dy xtgk dy lgsung since dy sakit..heh! bknnye str0k xle cure,ad je rmi patient cn get back to their n0rmal life as bef0re dgn adenyer support dr fmily,k0rang ni sengal ke cipan? tr0k bt0l..bkn 1 fmily 2 jer,ade s0rang auntie nh jd ibu tunggal after dy kene str0k,seb bek ank2 dy redha n tman+bg support kt dy..laki dy???xyah tnye..xle harap lgsung..

but bnde yg aku ske tgk is ade s0rang uncle nh,chinese old man,xjemu lgsung tman wife dy wt fisi0trapi evry single day,every week n da dkt 2 thn dy tman wife dy 2..kdg2 ank2 dy p0n ader..uncle ni is very2 kind,snyum je,xprnh wt muke sdey dpn wife dy..suap wife dy,bli air mineral,lapkn mulut dy...setia dy tggu wife dy wlup0n wife dy str0k da lame..
~da thing is,ad ag ke laki cm uncle 2?l0yal dgn wife even wife sakit dkt 2thn..yg sggup jg istri time sakit,ssh same2...snang same2 la kn..bkn tgglkn istri ble sakit,bkn ceraikn dy..bkn nye tmbh beban kt bahu,but help utk ringankn beban uh..dan bnde yg aku cter nh is da real life,chinese old man 2 org cina..yg wife kene tggal 2 sume,org melayu..hish! malunyer!
n siyesly aku kdg2 trpkr bnde2 cmni..ya allah,tktnyer bler pkr psl j0d0h ni..ak nyer hidup p0n jd cmtu ke nnti..ade lg ke laki cm uncle 2 kt dunia mu ini ya allah..ini ke dunia akhir zaman..
ak bkn nk ngate sape2,xniat nk singgung sape2..tp,kte same2 pkr..same2 muhasabah dri sndri..same2 tgkatkn kualiti hidup,bykkn pahala..jgn pkrkn duniawi jer..
* a little bit cm tzkirah cket..^^

ps: smpi skg ak still xle sign up fb..bunguk t0l aa..

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Kosaku Hatanaka is a skilled boxer who turned pro at the age of 19, but he finds himself facing a string if defeats due to his anability to control his appetite, which always put him in a heavier weight class. 0ne day, due to excessive work out, he collapses where he is found by Sister Angela, a naive fledgling nun and he immediatelyfinds himself interested in her.

siyesly speaking, u'll fell in l0ve with Kamenashi Kazuya by this drama...juz watch it!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


selamat hari guru
16 mei 2009

selamat hari guru kepada semua guru2 yg telah mengajar sy selama ini..especially tuk guru2 yg mengajar dri in sjk tadika dlu,sk pndan jaya,smk pndan jaya,smka maahad hamidiah,sbpi rawang,guru2 tamhidi usim 08/09..thx ats segala ilmu yg tlh d berikn kpd sy..minx halal ye cgu2..smoge cgu2 d rahmati 0leh Allah,d pnjgkn umur supaya dpt tr0s mendidik ank2 bangse,murh rzki..Allah sj yg dpt membls jasa cgu2 sume..

n dis special wish g0es to my bl0ved teacher ever..


thx cgu for evrything..ilmu yg cgu curahkn selama setaun cgu ajr sy..akn sy ingt smpi bler2..
knangan same2 d tmhidi 08/09..best memories ever...smoge cgu sntiase ceria cm slalo0,sehat sntiase,d pnjgkn umur supaya dpt trus menabur bakti n tmbhkn lg "arh0's students"..huhu im pr0ud to be one of them..jasa cgu xdpt sy bls,Dia shj yg mampu memblsnye..d0akn kejayaan sy dunia akhirat..dan moga hidup cgu d berkati Allah senantiase,,insyaAllah~
o0ps!trlupe plak..thx cgu bg sy nickname laen..hehe JENAB hope cgu xlupe nama 2...huhu


terima kasih guru
kerana hulur tgn mu
ku memghargai seluruh jiwaku
bicara mu guru
kan ku ingat selalu
menjadi azimat
ku genggam hingga ke akhirnya..

ps: sj wish awl cz tkt xsmpat..