Thursday, December 30, 2010


menghitung saat ke 2011..gembira bercuti esok.gembira self-presentation was oke.gembira masak bersama2. gembira menerima hadiah.gembira kerana ada teman di sisi waktu senang dan susah..gembira dan bsyukur atas segala nikmat yg diberikan. gembira atas segala2nya.

seperti tahun lepas, dan akan menjadi acara tahunan insyaAllah. jamuan akhir tahun word.happy.
hope to be with all u guys together.forever.

i hate u, but u love me.
u r cute,but i'm cuter.
hate me? naaaaaa~
i love u dear.

who am I?

noor aiman;the world class conductor.ngeh3

*haengbok is happy in korean.
**happy oliday guys!

***happy new year!
****happy shopping! sale sale sale! :)

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Sometimes moments appear where I wish I could remember what it was like being 2 years old. To feel again what it was like when following your own agenda was the only option. When saying 'no' was actually okay. And when I actually did the things I wanted to do. When did all of that go away?! When did studies, responsibilities and everything else replace 'me' on the top of my list of priorities?

Often on my lonesome journeys to class and lectures there is always this overwhelming cry of 'shut up, shut up. shut up. stop. stop' Many times I almost fell prey these thoughts but somehow I've managed to pull through again and again. It seems like this year, everyone is on edge and our nerves are raw on end. It just seems like there are a million and one things to do and just a whole lot of people to please. Everyday, we ride the waves one by one (sometimes two at a go!) whether we ready or not. Some of us make it, some trip, some just.. go under.

Sometimes I would like to tell HIM, the silent one, the one who watches over us, please Sir can you just stop this tumble-dryer and get me out so I can catch my breath and relax for just a moment? The sanctuary of life has become nothing more than a zoo for the most of us. These struggles do not end here but will still remain prominent in our lives regardless of everything. Life is definitely on fast-forward and luckily I still have the sanity to hold back, reach out and hit 'pause' simply because time is going by too fast. Thankful I am for still having some remote part of me to tell myself to put my feet up once in a while when most have forgotten what it feels like to just.. relax.

Today just happens to be one of those not-so-typical days where I am able to just drop everything related to medicine and just plop myself on the bed with my laptop on my belly without worry, for a multitude of reasons. The reasons might have been simply employed to justify my laziness and disinclination to any form of activity but I think I'm going to get off my back on this one. :)

This is to a night full of nonsense talk and I shall now retire to my 'purple island' to remind myself that life is not completely devoid of choices. :)

Oh, and also not forgetting cold spoons and tea bags to nurse my angry eye-bags.

*himnae-->be strong in korean.
**tomorrow. hepy bsday zwen in advance!
***tomorrow.cnt wait to watch all da medical sketch,medley n choral speaking AGAIN.seronok seronok!

notakaki:jeles dgn mereka having boys days out in ind0n! aish!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

off to nilai

semalam, as planned we>tasniim,didi,fatimah, radiah and I went to nilai. atas permintaan madam ruby,,khidmat kami diperlukan sebagai fasilitator tuk program motivasi bagi pelajar2 sains tamhidi (tamhidi perubatan, pergigian, sains dan teknologi). alasannya..ramai pelajar sains dan teknologi seramai lebih kurang 27 orang diberhentikan sebab pointer utk final sem 1 tidak melebihi 1.7..terkejut? saya pon terkejut. saya sudi membantu kerana saya sedar asal usul saya, saya juga produk tamhidi sains.

LDK bermula pkul 1 tgahari. jadi kami meggunakan peluang menjadi penonton perlawanan bola antara FPSK dan tamhidi di pavilion. hebat! FPSK menang dgn 6-1. sangat hebat!

jika dilihat..atlet2 fpsk:jdo,mus,najmee,kimi,azraie. seniors bro din, bro suhaimi,seniors 3rd yr,juniors 1st yr xlupa juga atlet2 fpg:khalis,azizul dll.

menurut captain pasukan tamhidi (he's in my grup during LDK)..FPSK hebat2. stamina mantap.penyokong pon ramai. good job guys!

dlm grup LDK,,kebanyakan pelajar tamhidi memberikan komen,pihak pengurusan tamhidi tidak adil dalam pembahagian pensyarah yg mengajar bg setiap tmhidi yang mana seolah2 tamhidi sains dan teknologi dianak-tirikan. saya tiada komen. yang penting kena usaha perbaiki setiap kelemahan sem 1.(nasihat kpd dri sndri juga).

sebelum pulang, kami singgah di ICE ROOM,nilai square for dinner. mahal tp brbaloi-baloi!

more picta!

tmpt duduk ni disediakan di ice room. comel kan?!

ps: vision vision vision! lens lens lens! sy trpkir nk wt laser eye surgery!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

choral speak-ing~

setelah beberapa lama jd nocturnal. tdo kul 2 pg, bgn kul 6..mlm hidup, kt klas pengsan..alhamdulillah membuahkan hasilnya..who says choral speaking is a girl thingy. its great when mix girls and boys..

bak kata jannah time usrah td..'kte xkn dpt wt choral yg trbaek..dpt hafal skrip,,kalo Allah xbg kte wt yg trbaek. jadi? wlupon kte ade da best conductor *benci jannah*,,kte ptt bsyukur pd Allah sbb pe? sbb Dia Maha Pemberi..'
~~da matured side of jannah. he3

proud of u guyss. compared to the rehearsel at ibnu sina tha day dat before, and dat evening,,u guyss are really really great during da performance..

prof nik said: u guys did a very good performance..thx prof!

n again, sy btul2 nk mnx maaf kt sume yg terlibat dgn choral ni..btul, jauh dr sudut hati sy,sy xde niat nk mrh, nk malukan dpn org cuma tegas tuk kebaikan kte brsama..mgkin ade yg kata saya amat garang, tp sy buat bende yang sama masa kami berlatih tuk ptndingan kempen 3s aritu.tiada diskriminasi antara lelaki mahupun perempuan.tanpa kerjasama antara korang sume mmg kte xkn dpt melakukan yg pon masih blajar tuk menjadi lebih baik pd ms akn dtg..insyaAllah. sekali lagi kalo ad yg terasa hati dgn kata2 n teguran sy, sy mohon maaf dr ujung rmbut smpi ujung kaki. len kali msuk ag ye! heeee~

ps: sy xdpt bygkan submandibular gland jd tjuk choral. ha-ha.
pss: we don't stop,,we can't stop. untill we reach da top!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

the bell has rang

it hurts.
the tears fall....

the bell has rang.

thank you Allah for reminding me..earlier..

there's something waiting for you called SUCCESS in front,
go for it!
better late than never.
believe in Him.
He knows the best for us.
may Allah ease.
pray for me!

ps: thank u 4 da wishes during my besday. tQ timah 4 da choc,
tasnim+DD+laila 4 da big pinky dolphin,
zT 4 da present far away from lgkawi,
deyla 4 da special post 4 me,
zWen 4 all the songs that makes me cry sbb terharu!
may Allah bless u all!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

1. i'm 19. ngeh3~

2. ppl call me aiman, iman, penguin, pingu, gu, ngungu, ngu, nyot. but i prefer if u call me gu. nice!

3. I dream of simple and meaningful wedding. walaweh!

4. I have a lot of bestfriends. Well, they are my bestfriends because we grew up together and learnt about how cruel life can be. I don't know, something about these people that even youdidn't see each other for years, the friendship remains strong -- and keeps getting stronger.When in doubt, I have a lot of friends that I can turn to :)

5. I prefer writing my blog in BM, actually.

6. I went to boarding schools since I was thirteen. 3 years in SMKA Maahad Hamidiah, Kajang and then another two years in Rawang Integrated Boarding School. Yes, I was a product of SMKAs.

7. i fell in love with the cute-little-thing-PINGU when i was 11, and yes till now.

8. i used to buy all the DVDs of the cartoon series PINGU. but not anymore.

9. i wore pinafore during primary school till standard 5. zmn dolu2. i was veryyyyyyy small back then.

10. i love pink.

11. sy pendek. so, i love to wear heels.

12. suprisingly i was good in lontar peluru. i guess i have a strong hand back in my primary school. haha

13. i failed my biology in the 1st, 2nd 3rd test during form 4. kene rotan dgn teacher khairul tu da biase. never got an A for the subject. in SPM too.

14. have been to china, new zealand, europe, korea, japan, australia, africa. sy teringin nk ke US! ad sesape nk bw sy???

15. worked at DUNKIN DOUGHNUT in Tesco Ampang for 3 months after my SPM.

16. oh! hari paling gumbira--> dpt 1st gaji tyme result SPM keluar. nyeh4.

17. i hate exams!

18. i knew j-pop 1st, then only k-pop. but now i'm sooooooo in k-pop compare to j-pop. but if u ask me which one i prefer more for my honeymoon,,i would say japan! ha-ha

19. i hate cats!

20. less than 24 hours i'll be in 20's..oh no!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

hari ini 3 disember!

When you dream of someone you really miss,
you can't help but to wake up smiling :)

mood: contented

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


In the award expression when we first met
It was hard for us to talk so we hesitated
The many days that have been buried in the song
Have become regrets that I can't turn back
Now it's the time that we must apart
We turn away with unsolved regrets
Time will help us meet again
We will miss each other then,but let's wait
We gathered at a small lake on a cold winter day
The song that we sang is buried in our memories
But it's in our heart forever
Goodbye isn't a farewell forever
It's a promise to meet each other again
Keep the time that we spent together as memories
And we nust leave to find our own path.

Memories are beautiful
I don't wanna ever say goodbye...