Sunday, March 18, 2012

5th generation with 5th yr of FPSK


doctor USIM, engine start-oh


it’s a doctor2x oh no doctor, no5x

It’s a doctor2x oh yes doctor ooooo

oh my Gucci! It’s a doctor!

Hey what’s wrong? It’s just a doctor

They are humans too

They strive hard to be good doctors

G-O-O-D good doctors

So, ladies n gentlemen

We, the gorgeous n cute ladies of 5th generation would like to present a choral speaking entitled “a doctor’s life”

Cop2x greetings, greetings my dear

Oops! Assalamualaikum n good afternoon

Say hello!


Coffee, notes n everything nice

These are the ingredients chosen to create the perfect doctors

But professor nik accidentally added in an extra ingredient into the concoction

Quranic verses

nuh-uh, so not an accident

Thus, the powerful doctors were born

Using their ultra super power,

5th generation FPSK

Has dedicated their lives to fighting ailments and patients’ complaints

Do you remember your school days?


Your teacher once asked you

What do you want to be when you grow up

When I grow up

I want to be a doctor

I want to be a model!

err, I want to be the one who get to pull babies from d mother’s womb!

That’s O&G, didi!

And then, came SPM

Where all you can think of is getting straight A’s

Just to get into a medical school

aah, those SPM days

Then the excitement receiving offer letter

a medical student at last!

However, joy goes….

boom shakalaka boom shakalaka

the lectures,seminars,tutorials and quizzes!

Oh my goodness

Oh my soul

I’m gonna die

USIM berjanji pd ibunda

Berjasa berbudi utk semua

Siswanya adalah tunggak Negara

Kan terus membela maruah kita

am I gonna miss that song

please… not

The beginning of an end

Life as a doctor

a REAL doctor

Yes, REAL doctors

Its kind of funny, how life can change

A never ending search knowledge

Sometimes life works in mysterious ways

Where life of your patients is in your hands

I refused to give up

We refused to give up

Oooo yeah

wait! We’re forgetting something!

The things we need at all time!


pen torch

tendon hammer



ARENA komik!

Wan Hawa! Shhh…



What she meant was Oxford medical handbook!

A doctor’s daily routine starts with

Ward rounds early in d morning

mak cik2x, mak cik rasa sihat sikit tak hari ni?

Standing for long hours in the operation room

that’s taboo for me! I got DVT because of this!

and meeting all kinds of patients

dr, handsome la dr ni. Nak number!

Eeee, yakkeboodiii

Stress! Scolded again n again n again…

Scolded for not taking blood properly

Scolded for not being able to answer questions

Scolded for waking up late

The list goes on and on

Tapi, marah kan tandanya sayang..

haish, I thought life would be easier after graduation

Relaxla, patience is virtue

The career has its ups and downs

Sometimes u got thanked for saving people’s lives

And sometimes…


The guilt when a patient dies

But life needs to move on…

There are lots of beliefs, I tell u

But those are not true oh what to do

oh man!

Most people think that doctors are rich, tall dark and handsome

Vroom, vroom

driving Porsche!

And some even says that doctors have no life!

When I’m watching movies with my friends

Blood gushing stories are on

oh no! there’s too much blood! I can’t look!

You’re afraid of blood?

And you call yourself a medical student?

When I’m with my mom,

dinner’s ready!

aah! Veggies again. But I don’t wanna eat veggies

You don’t eat veggies?

And you call yourself a medical student?

When I’m with my colleagues

>oh no! it’s 9pm but I’m already sleepy. I’m gonna have a nap

Hey, you call yourself a medical student? Study!

When I’m with the society

>cough , Oh, I don’t feel so well, sneeze

doctor? Are you sick? we thought doctors never get sick

Never ever forget that

Doctors are also human beings

We make mistakes too

What’s so special about us?

We are muslim doctors


Treating patients is a part of ibadah

And to spread the beauty of Islam

Dimulakan dengan bismillah

Disudahi dengan Alhamdulillah

Begitulah bila kita merawat pesakit

Mudah-mudahan dirahmati Allah

Hectic life


busy schedule

Do we have time for romance?

Ahh,there’s no time to cook!

would a guy want us?

Don’t worry, innallahama’ana

*scene propose

I do

U make me wanna say I do I do I do do do do do do do

So what’s next?

A year of tamhidi


6 years of medical school




2 yrs of housemanship


Get married and have kids

check. Oops

Then lets become specialists

More books




Meeting more patients


N more ward rounds



What’s the best thing becoming a specialist

it’s all about the money money money, we juz want your money money money



No, that’s not it

It give us more knowledge to help people because of Allah3x.


You are so gorgeous and beautiful


Prepare yourselves for challenges


There is a whole lot of weight on you


Pray to Allah to give us strength


Tet tet tet tet tet tet

Call me beep me, if u wanna reach me

call me, okay

as we go on, we remember

all the times we had together

and as our life change

came whatever

we will still be friends forever

alhamdulillah dpt mengekekalkan kejuaraan..thx to those yg doakan utk kami :)
jumpe lg nxt