Monday, January 24, 2011

Skip this kalau allergic love love.

So self absorbed in my ways today, I almost missed at a chance that comes by pretty seldom. I saw love. Growing up under the HEAVY influence of princesses and knights in shining armor, I quickly was also in pursuit of 'happily ever after' for all the princesses in their pretty dresses ended up in a beautiful place somewhere somehow with their prince charmings.

Fifteen years down the road, with all the relationship problems of the 'real world', our minds our now flooded with the down sides of relationships. The 'happily ever afters' are, sadly, no longer attached to love stories.

Today, I saw love. This was the 'eternal' kind of love that I was a witness to. The kind of love that proves that maybe, just maybe, fairy tales do come true. This is the kind of love that is rarely witnessed and many times overlooked.

I couldn't help but smile as I watched a couple, well into their 70's I assume, as they sat comfortably on the train, side by side. They talked of things that made no sense, yet to them, they made perfect sense (Not like I understood the things they were talking about anyway). Moments later, both dozed off into a peaceful nap as they held each other's hand. And like clock work, they later woke up nearly at the same time. They sat there, content on just being together, side by side.

They sat in silence, no words needed. Just the re-assurance of being together, holding hands. She looked over at him, he winked, causing her to smile as a hint of pink rose crept into her pale, withered cheeks. The look in their eyes as they exchanged glances clearly spoke of the love they had for one another. She then reached into her bag and pulled out half a bun and further halved that and handed one half to the old man. As they sat enjoying their bread in a near unison rhythm, I witnessed him give her hand a tender squeeze.

Then, no words exchanged, the two, still hand in hand, dozed off again into a peaceful nap.

Tenderness. Togetherness. Understanding. The ability to be content side by side. That is what it's mainly about. Love is still remembered, even when other memories are far from the mind. This love I seen today, was one of the more beautiful love I have yet to witness. (never more than one's love for Him though haha).

The heart was beautifully crafted to hold the kind of love that is built around forever. I hope to be old and grey, sitting beside my true love, being content to just hold his hand. To need no words and to know by the look in his eye and tender squeeze of his hand that he still loves me and finds pleasure in being by my side after all the years have passed.

Aiyak so mushy pulak. I might muntah at my own post. HAHA.

So friends, the moral of the story is... don't put your music on MAX and pretend that you are some hotshot rockstar while discretely banging on your imaginary guitar while tapping kaki loud-loud sampai makcik sebelah buat bunyi 'tsk tsk' and tarik beg plastik die kuat-kuat nak tunjuk annoyed.

My mouth; it moves, and the words come out
My ears; they hear, and the words come in
My eyes; they see, and the people all around
My legs; they walk me, here and there
My arms; they move, to and fro
My heart; it beats, but it goes unheard.
And that, is it.

edit: on a second thought, nahhhhhhhhhh..... I'm fine ;)

How long must we wait, in this cruel winter fate

To see one flower bloom, to have sunlight in every room?

So we can have toast, what a spread to boast
Along with jam and tea, oh my how happy I will be.


Monday, January 17, 2011

17 jan 1990 ++ frenSs~

salam. kali ni serabut.caca marba.rojak. senanyer nk wt special post tuk da birthday girl.tetbe cm tgk blik gamba upload laa skali.. ;DD jgn pnig2 ye..peace ^^v

the birthday girl,,cik hanan@miss korea.haha

sape rase ni tgn dy??angkt kaki!!

tyme2 sengal mmg cmni :)

gmba kontroversi.huuuu~

ukhwah yang terbina persis sekuntum bunga
meskipun kini kita terpisah demi kasih-Nya
namun cebisan kenangan kita
sentiasa bermain di bayangan mata
detik waktu yang berlalu
menjadi memori kau dan aku

sewaktu kita bersama
saling setia menimba ilmu
tanpa mengenal erti penat jemu
ingatkah kau lagi

kita bersama memijak onak duri
di tanah gersang mengutip semangat suci
kini segalanya tersemat dalam sanubari

bersabarlah dengan ketentuan-Nya
ada rahmat yang tersembunyi
bertemu berpisah kerana Allah
lumrah kehidupan insan beriman

moga saat nan indah
ku harap berulang lagi.

dis is us.
forever remains together.
tQ my fren.

Saturday, January 15, 2011


Dear Mama,

There are many things I need to say to you but I think you'd understand me best when I say that my essential nature simply renders me speechless. It simply aches me to not be home during your birthday this year. No more scaring you and abah with my supposedly reckless driving. No more fat kids to punch and bully around and no more Aimi to follow me around in hopes of scoring kitty snacks and a good old scratch. All I have to fill the void right now is this space and our time together - which we haven't been having a lot of. :(

For years I've grown, spending little time away from you (literally) and it just makes separation harder as the years go by and the thought of heading my own life without you to fall on really scares me.

As the years go by, your advices have changed, moulding itself to suit my current state of life though one thing stays the same: It is always because you love me. At times, it may seem like I disagree with some of them, but time has always proven that everything you say bear a significant amount of truth. Regret is the only thing I feel during the times my illogical pertinacity got the best of me.

The front I have always presented to you has always been one that is strong, independent and unbending. Its mostly for the girls and also the fact that you and abah have always deemed me so. But the tears I shed at this very moment only goes to show that I am no far different from the average person and your expectations of me has only helped made me who I am today.

A quarter way in through my life expectancy, I am sad that the days we have are numbered. I regret the lack of appreciation and also all the time we've lost. I can't wait to be back :)

Happy Birthday Mama,

I love you :)

Friday, January 14, 2011

you decide.


viva vs eye shadow

. . . . .

scene 1

date:2 years back

ms D: awk pki eyeshadow ke?
ms G: yup!
ms D: ye?!
ms G: iye....
ms D:
ms G: eiiii..bdak kcik ni nk kene dgn ak. wt gapo pki ayeshadow g kls..eh3

scene 2

venue: lecture hall ar-Razi
date: couples week ago

mr X: gu...nti kn bla bla bla..bla..blaaaa..
ms G: aah. nti ko bla bla blaaaaaa....
mr X: o0oo ye..nti ko bg kt ak eh bnde tu..jap. ko pki eyeshadow eh g kls?
ms G: mestilaaa x! dush3x

scene 3

venue:front of lift at level 6
date: few days ago

mr U: sori.did u put on eye shadow?
ms G: mamat mane lak ni..dh laaa xknl..serabut gle..nope!
mr U: oke....

. . . . .

scene 1

ms T: npe paking tgkt 6?kn kene byr rm1..bazir jek. baik paking kt tgkt8. free..dekat lak tu..
ms G: alaaa...sehengget jek. agpon xnk viva ni kene pns..nti dy makin itam.
ms T: baek....

scene 2

ms G: senang paking tgkt 6,ade bumbung..tyme2 ujan cni xya laa redah ujan nk masuk kete cm kt tgkt 8...
ms Y: yelaaa..ujan air je p0n..
ms G: ujan air bg kte senang keje. lgpon..xla viva dmam kene ujan..:D
ms Y: xpasal...

scene 3

abah: npe paking atas.paking jelaa dpn lobi senang nmpk..guard pon ade...
ms G: rm3 kot kene byr...
abah: rm3 jek...keselamatan penting..
ms G: selamat ape..kalo viva tu kene culik cne...?
abah: nk kene ni...
ms G: haha

. . . . .

1) realiti-->sy TIDAK pakai eyeshadow.ulang.TIDAK.sila jgn tnye lg kalo xnk kene flying kick dgn sy..kalo anda lihat panda naturally ada eyeshadow kaler itam keliling mata dy,sy pula NATURALLY ada eyeshadow kaler pink+oren keliling mata sy.sebab> eczema.oke?

2) syg viva sy.don't disturb 'her'.please.

ps:cerita ini bukan rekaan.benar dan sebenar2nya. cuma d ubah suai supaya sesuai jd tatapan semua lapisan masyarakat.watak n nama tiada kaitan dgn yg masih hidup atau yg telah tiada.

pss: sorilaaa entry kali ni bhs rojak.saje2.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

mggu depan mggu tahu semua org sedang struggle. menggalas harapan yg sgt tggi. mengharap sesuatu yg trbaek.cuba untuk membuktikan sesuatu.cuba untuk menebus kembali pengalaman pedih yg lalu.saya juga.semua org juga.dan saya bersama anda semua. dan pasti Dia juga bersama kita..rabbi yassir wala tua'ssir.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . .

mggu ni tidak pulang ke rumahku syurgaku ats nasihat abah walau rumah sekangkang semut dan sebenarnya hati meronta2 mahu pulang rindukan mereka yang tersayang.takpelah.berkorban sesuatu untuk sesuatu yg lebih baik.

abah> reading kuat2.xya blik takpe.cuti kte travel.mama n abah da plan.even after ur pro worries dear.doa byk2.we're praying 4 u to0.

thanx abah.thanx mama..sebenarnya,selalu tertanya2,pe yg dh sy buat tuk balas jasa mereka.doa?xcukup doa compare doa tahu. air mata mereka yg mengalir kerana kedegilan saya..YA ALLAH..ampunilah dosa2 mereka. tempatkanlah mereka di syurga-Mu ya Allah.
marilah kita muhasabah diri bersama2 sementara mereka masih ada. ye,,sementara mereka masih ade.

ps: abah memang suke ckp bhs rojak. he can even talk in chinese+tamil+jawa n mix them all in one sentences with his totally broken english. but i'm proud wif him. be proud wif ur father to0!

pss: mggu ni muke sofy da x monyok cm last week sbb dy blik umah.huhu

pss: unnie zt! gdluck! kte same2 wt yg trbaek! iA~

**sy xtw pon library da renovate.betapa teruk nyer sy dah lame xg library.haih.

Monday, January 10, 2011


"You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams"

The never ending smiles, laughters and cries.
of all the surprises and the happiness you gave.
Guess what? The love just grew and never stop.

I am a Person Full with Emotions ;)

notajarijemari:menghitung hari ;D

Monday, January 3, 2011

two O 1 onE.

I pray for the strength to be able, and I pray for the power to be stable.

This is a prayer for my soul.

I pray for God's hands to wipe away my tears, I pray to survive these few labored years.

This is a prayer for my soul.

Despite my wandering feet and wandering mind, You were always there to pull me behind.

I pray to be whole and free, I pray to stop running away from me.

I pray for hope of a brighter day, but I can only hope things will go my way.

Dear God, inch me forwards towards my goal,

This is, a prayer for my soul.

Another year older. Another year wiser. Or something.

Pray hard. Work hard. Pray for us. For me.

This year, I resolve to:

cry less
worry less
live more
love more

heres to a wonderful year ahead :)

Faint like a whisper's confession, its descent lifting all tension.
Do you feel it? Its coming.